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Full Version: Public Service Announcement: SR4 Is Not A Joke
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Zen Shooter01
This is not a drill, this is what you have been trained for (by SR2, SR3...)

I keep reading posts opining that SR4 is a joke, a prank, a Saturday Night Live sketch.

It's not.

Shadowrun D20 was a joke (and would still be, even if they had been serious). SR d20 was announced on April 1st, and the "official" announcement was obviously satirical, including, if memory serves, a promise for extensive rules for having sex with ally spirits and a link that said "Happy April Fools' Day!"

SR4 was not announced on April 1st. It was announced, strangely enough, at the GAMA Trade Show, for a GenCon release six months hence. This is how a serious RPG company whips up anticipation for a major new release. This is not how some prankster tweaks your nose.

Additionally, if it was a joke, there wouldn't be a Dumpshock forum with hundreds of posts discussing it. FanPro would have pointed their finger at us and yelled "Fooled you!" by now. Letting it run this long would cross the line from joke to hoax, and alienate the entire online SR community.
Sandoval Smith
Is this the third, or fourth thread to state, "SR 4th Edition is _not_ a joke?"
Zen Shooter01
Which is why it needed a thread all its own.
Let Darwin take care of issues like this. Natural selection over clarification.
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