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Full Version: car Design Questions
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how would you handle it if a pc rigger at character creation told you he wanted to design this

while trying to follow the vehicle design rules..<this so speed/armor/signature/etc can be determined> I dont really see an easy way, does anyone?

Herald of Verjigorm
Add together the gyrocopter chassis cost and half the bike cost (or other way around, whichever is higher). Use a similar process on the markup. The vehicle properties are determined by the lesser of the two chassis in the likely event that the two don't match. The engine type must be something with stats for both chassis.

I may write up an attempt later with those suggested limits on the hybrid chassis.
I'd say make it an autogyro, but allow it to drive on land at 1/2 or 3/4th the listed speed rating while having the propeller stored.

It really is a gyrocopter, that happens to have wheels. Rather than a bike with a propeller.
Buy canon you cant have it.

I would allow it but you pay for 2 chassis. (autogyro and sedan) paying the points for each and choosing the least beneficial for each other stat. the power plant will be whichever is more expensive and it will have 3 handling statistics on road/of road/flying 2 speeds and accelerations (ground/air), include a breakdown option during design

Then mush the rules as necessary and make something that feels likely.

Another option would be a autogyro with an option similar to amphibious operation and breakdown options

One problem with the idea is that flying vehicles are much more dangers when they crash, if they became popular in a place like 2060s Seattle the airspace they use would become very full very fast and gridlink wouldn’t work very well. Consider that before you decide there legal status in the world.

I would have no problem with a character building one but o would not have them made legal (at least no without very special licences)


I'm not sure if this will help, but the old Steve Jackson Games RPG CAR WARS--and its successor, AUTODUEL, had a vehicle called a "Grasshopper".

There were several designs, all built upon what the game series referred to as the "Sedan" body style--a basic four-door platform that was larger than a Coupe (2-door) , but smaller than a Luxury (4-door--essentially a short-wheelbase limousine).

Grasshoppers used Small Helicopter powerplants, and followed the Acceleration/Maneuver rules for Sedans while on the ground; when airborne, they used the rules applicable to Small Helicopters.

They could be fitted with any armor or weaponry suited for autos or helicopters--except top-mounted turrets/weapons (no room because the rotors were in the way), and any underbody-mounted weapons for use while airborne had to be retractable in order for the vehicle to be driven on the ground.

It was possible to build a Grasshopper with retractable rotors and tail surfaces, but most of the models listed in the rulebooks weren't designed that way due to interior space limitations. Also, there were rules for amphibious vehicles (car/boat or truck/boat hybrids) or "triphibious" vehicles--grasshoppers capable of operating in water as either an amphibious helicopter or a speedboat (the latter looked like a World War II amphibious Jeep with rotors and tail surfaces).

I know that this isn't much help, but I hope that it'll at least give you or someone else ideas. smile.gif

Since you asked what would we do....

I'd tell the player, okay, go ahead, design it. Let him try it however he wants to. Fawn over his creativity, tell him how cool it is. Then destroy it in the second scene of gameplay.
Just to mock him, I'd make sure the bad guys use one every now and then.

(Kidding of course. I had a player who wanted to build a goddamn transformer. Glad he moved.)

Really if he were insistant on doing it, I'd let him pay for a bike and pay for a gyro-copter, then just mesh the stats together, maybe a speed and handling penalty to both modes. Not pretty, but why get bogged down.
bike and gyro seem like a good basis, I`ll work something out from there, thanx everyone.

Isn't there an option for dual or back-up engines in Rigger 3? The second one has some penalties compared to the first?

If so, that might work with a gyroscopter chassis. Take the chassis, add a normal power plant, then add a motorcycle power plant as the back-up.

Now I have to wonder: would such a vehicle have room for amphibious-3, so it can go underwater, too? smile.gif
Actually for some time I have been considering a VTA with underwater capability. I think it would be feasible to adapt a electric fuel cell vectored thrust engine to be able to change the angle on the turbine blades to operate underwater, the tricky bit is leaving the water with enough speed to clear the engines before you fall back in.

This is the kind of thing you get when I am board.

Anything past amphib operations level 1 adds retractable propellers/water jet drives into the body of the vehicle, not using the main engine to go through the water.
Let him design it with the rigger 3 rules as far as he can go, then just Ad-hoc the rest of the way. then if it turns out to be broken just have the bad guys blow it up or someone steal it when it's parked during a run or something. My GM does that every run. Our group loses at least one vehicle every run. sarcastic.gif
Besides, a vehicle that unique will stand out. It will get noticed. People will remember where it went, when it fueled up and when it flew off.
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