These are the products currently available for purchase through (It will update as I add more PDFs).

FASA books & FanPro books: These books are made from the actual digital layout files. The text is vector, so the PDF file size tends to be significantly smaller (unless there are ALOT of images in the book wink.gif). All the text is searchable, and selectable using Acrobat Reader. No books were harmed in the creation of these PDFs.

Scanned & OCR'd FASA books: These books are made by cutting the spines of old out of print books and scanning in the individual pages. Each page is cleaned up, then run through an Optical Character Recognition software. Each page is is therefore an image on top of the text. We save each page at a high enough resolution that reading onscreen and printing both work well. All the text in these files are both searchable, and selectable using Acrobat Reader. Many books are harmed in the making of these PDFs. wink.gif


Scanned & OCR'd FASA books
FAS7103 - Sprawl Sites
FAS7105 - Paranormal Animals of North America
FAS7205 - Universal Brotherhood
FAS7208 - Neo-Anarchists Guide to Real Life
FAS7210 - Tir Tairngire: The Land of Promise
FAS7211 - Tír na nÓg
FAS7306 - Harlequin

FASA books
FAS7002 - Gamemaster's Screen (Free Download)
FAS7002a - Critters (Free Download)
FAS7003 - Shadowrun Quick Start Rules (Free Download)
FAS7117 - Bug City
FAS7121 - Threats
FAS7122 - Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn's Secrets
FAS7123 - Underworld
FAS7213 - Aztlan
FAS7328 - Renraku Arcology: Shutdown
FAS7330 - Corporate Punishment
FAS7907 - Matrix

FanPro Third Edition Books
FPR10650 - Year of the Comet
FPR10657 - New Seattle
FPR10658 - Magic in the Shadows
FPR10659 - Cannon Companion
FPR10667 - Sprawl Survival Guide
FPR10673 - Shadowrun Character Dossier
FPR25000 - Shadowrun, Third Edition
FPR25001 - Man and Machine: Cyberware
FPR25003 - Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book
FPR25004 - State of the Art: 2064
FPR25006 - Loose Alliances
FPR25007* - Shadows of Asia
FPR25010 - Shadowrun Companion
FPR25013 - State of the Art: 2063
FPR25014* - System Failure
FPR25015 - Shadows of North America

FanPro Fourth Edition Books
FPR26000* - Shadowrun, Fourth Edition
FPR26002 - Shadowrun, Fourth Edition Gamemaster's Screen
FPR26003 - On the Run
FPR26004* - Street Magic
FPR26005* - Runner Havens (PDF)

* denotes a title also available as a print/PDF combo