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Full Version: Low key character for 85 point game set in '52
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Wounded Ronin
This is a character I wrote for a friend's upcoming SR game. The idea is that it's a retro low powered game. Characters are limited to 85 build points, and the game is set in 2052. I wrote up this character, who I thought was kind of funny, and so I hoped that I could be somewhat entertaining by posting the character here.

Clyde Norris

Clyde Norris is an elf who wears leathers and has a blond mullet. He used to work in a small UCASian auto firm as a mechanic, but he was laid off when some Japanacorps acquired the company he worked for. "Garbage in, garbage out," is the saying, and while Clyde still had a job he enriched himself with a steady diet of beer, action flicks, and pro wrestling.

Once he was fired he became so depressed and angry that he spent all of his time learning anti-Zaibatsu propaganda. Since he failed to get his life in gear he quickly became destitute and homeless. He hit rock bottom when he was forced to use his last issue of Soldier of Fortune magazine to wipe his arse. He realized that he needed income, that he needed a positive change in life. And so, inspired by his earlier steady diet of action movies, he realized that he needed to become a shadowrunner. After all, now he was all tough from living on the street. And furthermore, he used to spend lots of time at an urban range firing pistols; it was one of his favorite hobbies. He's still got his Streetline Special, so it should be enough for some deadly freelance special operations...

As of the start of the story, Clyde is desparately huddled in his coffin motel staring at his cellphone. It's his last month of service, and he's hoping that someone will call him with a job like his contact promised...

85 Build Points

Elf - 10 points

Attributes- 60 pts
QUI 5 (6, race bonus)
CHA 5 (7, race bonus)
INIT 5 + 1d6
Karma Pool 1
Total Karma 0
Combat Pool 8
Low light vision, yadda yadda yadda, elf bonuses

Skills - 22 pts
Unarmed Combat 3
Stealth 3
Pistols 6
Car B/R 2
Car 5
Athletics 3

Knowledge Skills
Automobile manufacturing 5
Cheap beers of UCAS 5
Seattle Sprawl 5
Japanacorps 2
Bad Action Flicks 4
Rock Music 2
Pro Wrestling 2

English 5
Spanish 2

Resources 500 (-5 pts)
Synthetic Leathers (0/1)
Streetline Special (6c, 4L, holdout)
2 Streetline Special magazines
30 rounds for Streetline Special
Handset Unit Cellphone
24 hours of coffin motel time

Starting Cash: Rolled 120 nuyen

Flaw: (-2)

Rohn Jambo (level 1 contact; Desert Wars vet laid off autoworker who became a military fixer. Rohn Jambo is a former co-worker but is only a level 1 contact because he feels a deep contempt for anyone who slinks around in synthetic leathers with a hold out pistol and pretends to be a Shadowrunner.)

Phil Elmore (level 1 contact; Phil Elmore is a journalist contact; he writes for Soldier of Fortune magazine. Who else would be the target of the misguided and overblown admiration of a man who sneaks around in fake leathers with a small pistol than someone who writes for Soldier of Fortune?)

Mr. Man

That's excellent.
The Grifter
Rohn Jambo: Birst Flood
> For a european campaign, I had to create (with other players) characters made with 100 build point. It was really good because you can have a character good to do some things but he is not a powerplayer and finally all the team is more roots. Restriction was not only on the BP but also for a reduced availability and indice. During the creation phase we had some comment like " Yes !!! I can buy a smartlink for my gun ! huh... but now I have not enough to buy ammo ^^;; " Finally we can't take all what we want and all the group starts with only normal ammo and some have stressed cyberware, one gun, and so on... So god for a roots ambiance ^^
> Daegann
QUOTE (Wounded Ronin)
Phil Elmore (level 1 contact; Phil Elmore is a journalist contact; he writes for Soldier of Fortune magazine. Who else would be the target of the misguided and overblown admiration of a man who sneaks around in fake leathers with a small pistol than someone who writes for Soldier of Fortune?)

Hahahahaha. When I saw that I had to check who made this thread. Go the Bullshido!

You should have worked in a concealed-sheath tomahawk. biggrin.gif
That character is truly most awesome. Anyone who can get away with a Streetline Special and fast talking is and ideal shadowrunner; they do'nt need to kill anyone, and they won't be shoved in the pokey for too long if their weapons are discovered. (I mean, old grannies use Streetline Specials in 2052, for crying out loud.)
Low point characters also have an interesting distinction: they can evolve into all sorts of specialist characters as time goes by. With enough cash and some time under the knife, Joe Elf can become a towering colossus of chrome and nanofibers. Or, one could invest in some vehicle skills and a Roadmaster and become the official bus driver for the team. And if you're able to accumulate a lot of karma and have a really nice GM, you could become a PhysAd or magic-user of some sort. With premade, fully-completed characters this is not an option; a magic-user is unlikely to be willing to get the cyberware necessary to become a decker, rigger, or combat machine; a street sam will be chromed to the gills and entirely unable to acquire any more cyberware, which would be necessary for rigging, etc., let alone acquire magical abilities.
Cool character - that kinda detail would gain bonus karma in my campaigns.

And I didn't notice the John Rambo thing until it was pointed out - altho I was amused by Rohn Jambo for a completely different reason. If you pronounce Rohn like Roan (German style, I would suppose) the resultant sound sounds like Roshambo...
Rohn Jambo would have been even cooler if he single-handedly helped the Taliban liberate Afganistan from the Commies, just like the John Rambo.
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