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Full Version: SIN costs?
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I have read through The Matrix Guide for Dummies and they mention a lot of stuff on making illegal SINs. Now in the main book there are cost for making fake cred sticks is there any rules for the pricings on fake SINs, have it be they are Ghosted or what not.
Kanada Ten
The prices in SR3 on fake credsticks include a fake SIN. However, the Sprawl Survival Guide expands those rules (even to counterfeiting).
Talia Invierno
The credstick is the practical and physical representation of the SIN. Without the credstick, the everyday uses of a fake SIN would be somewhat limited.

The closest parallel today would be something that combined bank/chequing/credit card, driver's licence, birth certificate, passport, and any societally-issued numbers that "place" you within the government databases. You may have a completely legal identity, but without physical possession of some or all or even more of the above, you can't really make much use of it.
Thanks everyone, new about the cred sticks thing and i'll look into the other.
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