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Full Version: A New Flaw to Chew On
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I thought of a new flaw that would be funny, somewhat similar to a cross between human looking and elf poser.

Value: -1
Description: An elf with this flaw just happens to display physical characteristics similar enough to a human to be perceived as a human who poses as an elf. He or she is looked down upon in much the same way as a human with the elf poser flaw is. Only elves may take this flaw.

Maybe it should be named "irony"

Interesting idea, but it seems to me this would be a good way to RP the "human looking" flaw already in cannon.
Human looking makes it so you actually pass as a human, thus avoiding a negative social reaction (racism), which is why it is an edge. This would be a flaw because an elf who looked like an elf poser would be looked down upon by humans and elves alike.

Talia Invierno
"Human Looking" is an Edge.

For the proposal to be used as a flaw, it would have to be placed within an appropriate social environment and the player would have to have some of the matching psychological mannerisms as well.

It would also help if the elf somehow "looks" artificially made, as though s/he were the product of botched surgery, and had a lousy Sperethiel accent and grasp of grammar.
Sandoval Smith
Lousy sprethiel accent, and eight inch long 'anime-style' elf ears. Talk about a harsh childhood, but at least you'll always have a place to hang laundry from.
It's an amusing flaw. You end up being seen as a poser by everyone. Hard to be taken seriously. It's especially good if it's rarely out in the open ; everyone just smirk at the PC and yelling : "But I really am an elf!" does little good.

Hey, want another elf flaw :

Delusion (Believes he is an Immortal Elf) biggrin.gif
I thought that was part of the race to begin with.

Kinda like Albinos get no points for their flaw
Or maybe the given character could just take "Human Looking" and "Elf Poser" (in that order), balance out, not get any points from it, and call it a day?
Crimson Jack
Another elf flaw for a limited audience, I'm sure:

Poison Elves (-1)

Only elves may take this flaw. Their pointed ears are ten times larger than normal, creating problems in tight spaces and in situations with loud noises.

PC's should roll combat pool in order to dodge the character's ears when he turns his head. biggrin.gif
"Don't call me bunny!"

Bartender: We don't serve their kind here.
Elf: What? You mean you kicking me out.
Bartender drawing knife: Oh you can stay, but the tips have got to go.
In our group we have the theory that really long ears are a characteristic of elves with pureblood Japanese descent. They are not-quite a metavariant.

QUOTE (Nikoli)
I thought that was part of the race to begin with.

Kinda like Albinos get no points for their flaw

They get a Willpower point (for some reason...).
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