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I want to start by saying that I am normally not the kind of player/GM who is all about total munchkinism. I normally run our bi-weekly SR game but last night one of the other players ran it, and I got a chance to try out a PC I had been working on for a while. I won't bother putting all of the background I have for the PC on here, but I actually have an 11 page background written for the PC. Basically he is a giant not so smart troll who has a lvl3 Johnson that acts like his father. The Johnson goes to his meets for him and directs him during the run. He is about 90% metal with only his arms not being cybered. I was discussing getting his weapons dikoted with one of the other PCs, and he in his usualy Eurotrash way, suggested that I get my PC dikoted. We us a system that awards karma to GMs for good runs, so that when they play they have some karma too. So I used decided to spend my remaining starting karma points to sell and get money to do it. My Gm decided that to 5'x55 squares would have to be bought, it ended up coming to somehting like 464,500 nuyen, but I paid it. He gave me a +1 Body +1 amor for it, which was nice, but not the best part. When I was talking about the cost of dikoting things my GM offered to use his handy dandy calculator to total it. He asked what I was dikoting and I just said something big for my PC, but was not sure what the size would be. So he asked exactly what I was dikoting and he would give me a size, when I said my PC, the look on his face was priceless. All throught the night the fact that my guy was dikoted came up over and over and made me laugh each and every time. I realzied they could not have just dikoted my guy all at once, but the idea that the sum of his parts minus the arms was dikoted thrilled me to no end. Just thought I would share this story.
There's something to be said about melting yourself in a Dikoting furnace like that, as well as the many other ways I'm pretty sure that's not possible by the rules, but I think I'll leave that to others. Suffice it to say that I think your stand-in GM friend shoulda said no and left it at that.
Nothing wrong with having cyber limbs/body/scull or removed, dicoated, and repleaced. Just more surgury costs.
And the possibility of more Essence lost. Always a good thing, huh?
When all you've got are a couple little cyber limbs, a cyber torso, and a cyberskull, who needs all that extra essence? sarcastic.gif
Then the Dwarf taking cover behind the metal monster....
Heh, when I read this, I imagined this giant troll with an awesome sheen to him from the dikote cyber.gif
One of the best parts of the night was when the dikoted troll beat a group of helpless goons with a dead human body.

Oh, and when my dwarf took only a Moderate wound from an HMG that dropped the dikoted troll. That was great, too.
what, were you ducking behind the dikoted troll? They do make good meat OR dead.
Especially since dikoting them would kill them dead as a sack of hammers! wink.gif
Not if the cyberware was dikoted before it was implanted. Might make it harder to implant, and screws with game balance a bit, but hey, ya gotta let the inner munchkin out every now and then. smile.gif

my nuyen.gif 0.02
Shanshu Freeman
QUOTE (Brazila)
I was discussing getting his weapons dikoted with one of the other PCs, and he in his usualy Eurotrash way, suggested that I get my PC dikoted.

I had no idea that Eurotrash had a fetish for dikote.
Yeah you can't just dikote someone but you can dikote ware and then install it, sure it should cost a ton, and it did (see above cost). I am normally really opposed to the cheesy goodness that is dikoting but I figured what the heck, for a lot less I could have gotten a suprathyroid gland for the body increase and just have worn an extra point of armor. My guy was out of communication with his Johnson, who acts as his brain so when the HMG fire (actually it was anti-aircrart if I recall right) came his way he did not use combat pool to dodge or soak, just base soak dice, and the attacker got 8 successes, so he took a deadly even. The dwarf was only facing 5 successes, spent all his combat pool to dodge/soak, and even spent up all his karma rerolling, but yeah he faired much better. Anyway the PC was one of the few times where I have had a character vision, and when I played him it actually fit what I had planned perfectly, so it was really fun for me and I thought I would share a slice of the cheese.
QUOTE (Shanshu Freeman)
I had no idea that Eurotrash had a fetish for dikote.

Eurotrash have a fetish for everything. wink.gif
It' s true, they love everything from Dep brand hairgel to dikote.
Im pretty sure most cyber couldnt be dikoted unless the rules for it have changed. basically cyber doesnt like high temperatures.
then it is hideoulsy expensive. more so for a Giant troll.. lots of surface area there..
then do a x2 as basically you would have to remove covers from cyber, and dikote them in the furnace which dikotes inside as well of outside of the part.
anyone remember how much it costs? I dont remember the exact numbers..
benefits are not that great...
repairs to your cyber become a problem. parts also prob become more rigid which may not be a good thing if you go for the all cover..

but hey if it rings your bell, & GM allows it, go for it..

and yes, I also think the GM should just have said no. not because it may or may not be munchkin but becasue of all the headaches involved..

well, since you can add vehicle armor to cyberware....
just dikote it. Then attach it. Or attach dikoted plates. Or dikote the casing before you put electronics in. Just a thought or 2
QUOTE (Mortax)
well, since you can add vehicle armor to cyberware....

Um ... you can?
I'm somewhat sure you could in 2nd, don't know about third.
I dunno about vehicle armor on cyber, but that brings up something I was always wondering about:

Those slap-on vehicle armor plates in SOTA64; could a person just slap those onto a troll? If so, would it count as vehicle armor?
Try getting the makers if Dikote to sponsor you on runs!

Sure you have to run around with some cheesy logo emblazoned on your chest, but what the hell! It worked in Mystery Men! grinbig.gif
Man that was a strange movie.
I think when he says "vehicle armor" for cyberware he is referring to hardened armor.....
What Hardened Armor can be applied to Cyberware, other than possibly Gel Packs?
Cybertechnology had hardened armour for cyberlimbs, one of the body plating options. The 6 Million Nuyen Street Sam had an 8/8 hardened cyber armour rating IIRC. Bullet mop.
Ok, but what about in SR3 canon?
smile.gif I'm not the one to ask about that one.
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