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Full Version: Calling all gun nuts
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I'm looking for some identification of a gun in a movie.

In Resident Evil 2: Appocolypse, there are a bunch of black-ops guys. I know they're black ops because (a) they wear black, (b) they wear tac vests and © they know how to rapell whilst shooting to pistols at once. Thus they are cool, therefore they are black ops.

Anyway ...

The red-haired one who gets chewed up good in the school cafeteria - in the cafeteria, he is packing a bullpup assault rifle of some kind. After he 'saves' the hot french chick in the blue top you get a good view of the gun as he holds it against his chest.

Ten points for the first person to identify that gun.

Twenty points for someone who can come up with a photo of the gun.
Austere Emancipator
Has someone watched it recently and can describe it, or do I have to downl... rent the movie?
About 90% sure it's an Israeli Tavor TAR-21. (and no, haven't watched the movie, just watched the trailer)
Austere Emancipator
That'd make sense, since this guy (Oded Fehr) is probably from the same team and has a Galil Micro.
I'm not as much of a gun nut as most, but I do have the flick at home. I'll try and remember to take a peek at it later today and see what I can do (if it's a good picture and there's a good picture at the big crazy "international list of guns" web site I've got, I can normally come up with a match pretty quick).
QUOTE (Critias)
... the big crazy "international list of guns" web site I've got ...

Possibly this one? Fairly big, although I could be mistaken.
I'm fairly confident I got it right, there's a shot in the trailer of a redheaded guy shooting a bullpup AR and the shape of the stock and ejection port is very clear - as is the massive handguard rather than a traditional trigger guard, which is (IIRC) unique to the Tavor.

Edit: Wrong about the handguard, there's also a rifle made in Singapore (SAR-21. Weird coincidence with the designations, there) with a similar overall look, but the stock is different, and I'm still convinced it was a Tavor. And a South African CR-21... What the hell is this, the newest fad? And why is every one of them a 21? It's a conspiracy, I tell you... *goes off muttering to himself*
That's the one, FlakJacket.

Anyways -- I'll try and remember to check when I get home. If my girlfriend asks why I'm watching an action/zombie flick instead of something she finds for me to work on around the apartment, I'll explain I'm doing research.
Cool, thanks both of you.

Research is always a good excuse. wink.gif
And btw, surprisingly good movie in a "beer and a curry" kind of way. Maybe I should watch the original.
No no no no... Resident Evil 2 is TERRIBLE!! Even in a beer and curry kind of way (beer and curry? That HAS to be an English thing nyahnyah.gif )

The first one is much better. Of course a jab in the eye with a sharp pen is already much better than Resident Evil 2, but you know.
The Grifter
After watching the film again, I identified it as a Tavor Commando variant, but it looks like some movie magic has been done to it. There's some additional junk on the upper reciever.
QUOTE (Backgammon)
(beer and curry? That HAS to be an English thing nyahnyah.gif )

Heh, by which I mean a "turn your brain off and enjoy the pretty action sequences" kind of film smile.gif The Beer and a Curry nomenclature was just something my old gaming group used to say, and comes from the idea of takeout and a six pack, and a film you don't have to concentrate on too hard (usually one with guns, explosions and hot girls in not too much clothing).
I first read about the Tavor-21 several years ago.

Although I am not certain, I believe it is an attempt to modernize the aging Galil weapons system for the 21st Century.

Here's a link:

Tavor-21 assault rifle

Here's Raygun's take on this particular weapon:

Shadowrun and Firearms: IMI TAR-21

Edit: Sorry. Messed up the links on the first try. Everything should work now.

QUOTE (Backgammon)
(beer and curry? That HAS to be an English thing nyahnyah.gif )


And its a great film!!, Assuming you like letching at Milla Jovovich and her legs......
I saw the first one, and Michelle Rodriguez pretty much stole the show. She was pretty much the only thing watchable throughout an otherwise appallingly bad movie. I think Milla Jovovich has done some good stuff, and I like Colin Salmon, but that movie was horribly bad.
They're both just fun no-brainer flicks. I like how it's a cross between zombie and action movie, but...well, I don't watch them often or anything. If ya got nothin' else to do, they're fun in a "this will do until something else comes along" movie sort of way.

And I never did get around to it yesterday, sorry. My guess is gonna be the Tavor, though.
Fresno Bob
I just want to add that this is a very good site for gun pictures.
QUOTE (Foreigner)
Here's a link:

Tavor-21 assault rifle

Hhmm, superficially reminds me of the SA80 only a bit more futuristic looking.
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