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Full Version: New Character Questions
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OK, I've been GMing SR for many a year now. It's been forever since I've been in the PC role, but one of my players wants to take another crack at GMing (he tried a few years ago, but couldn't come up with new ideas and so gave up), allowing me to try my hands at the other side of the fence.

Now, I looked around and couldn't find an answer to this question, so I thought I'd bring it here to the rest of you.

1) Armor layering... Form-Fitting Body Armour is supposed to be immune to the layering rules, right? What about cybernetic armor? If I put 4 points of ablative armor on the character's chest (cyber torso), that provides 8 Ballistic and 8 Impact worth of armor on a character with a Quickness of 5... will this cost me Combat Pool?

2) Converting an Ammo Bin... The bike I am considering for the character comes stock with a 1 CF Ammo Bin, but I have no intention of mounting a weapon on it (it's an escape vehicle, not a law magnet smile.gif ). I didn't find anything in Rigger 3 (original version) that covered a hidden compartment, so could the Ammo Bin double for it? Or has anyone developed a vehicle mod for a hidden storage compartment?


I don't know about #2, but as far as #1 goes, armor bonuses from cyberwear don't count for layering, and indeed just add their rating to the total you get from whatever armor combinations you may be wearing. Also, remember with adding armor to cyberparts, that you have to take the average over the 5 locations (arms, legs, head, chest, back), so your example of having 4 points of ablative armor would only provide 1 point of armor overall (8 divided by 5, round down). On the other hand, if someone took a called shot to the chest on you (not that anyone would), you'd have the full 8 points. To get 8 points of armor from cyberlimb armor, you'd have to have 40 points worth, distributed among all the limbs.

1 CF is still 1 CF, regardless of whether it's set aside for an ammo bin or some other storage. 1 CF = .125 cubic meters. Load is whatever your bike's listed load rating is.
Capt. Dave
Adressing #2 : As you already have the compartment installed, its size is already determined, and we know you can access it (to load more ammo), all that remains is to apply a concealability rating to it.

Internal weapon mounts are a perception (4) to spot, so that sounds like a good place to start. I suppose it's up to you and the GM to decide.
As to Form-Fitted Body Armor ... it is not considered when calculating penalties to Combat Pool, but is still halved (if it is the lower of the layers) when calculating Armor Rating.
1) Alright, I think I have my armor all figured now. Thanks!

2) The Perception (4) is what I'd like to improve. Replace the Firmpoint and Ammo Bin with a compartment that's harder to spot and can store an extra handgun, or my stolen swag. What I want to know is where do you put a 1 CF Ammo bin in a motorcycle? That's 10,000 smaller caliber bullets, if I recall correctly...

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