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Is this right? I swear I remember reading that some AA corps have extraterritorial status. Can any one confirm that for me?


Kanada Ten
Yes, AA corps are for the most part in most places extraterritorial. A rated corps are not.
Indeed, this is the very difference between an A and an AA. All AAs are extraterritorial, all AAAs are on the Corporate Court.

Chromed Accountant gives a short description of what A, AA, and AAA means on p.10 or corporate download.

Essentially, it's like Kage says.

A corp are anything that's multinational but couldn't manage to rank AA.

AA status is awarded by the corporate court and signals to the world at large that this corp should now be considered extraterritorial. Not everyone comply, but most do. It also allows them to have account at Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft bank. Finally, it's implied that they can more easily get an hearing at the corporate court.

AAA have a representative on the corporate court and own an even share of the ZO Gemeinschaft bank.
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