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Full Version: Random bit of trivia
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I've been searching through books for awhile now, but I can't seem to find anything about specific trid programs in the 2060s other than one oblique reference to "Sapphire: Shadowrunner for Hire" in the books. Is there a studio associated with that particular series, or should I just make one up? Are there any other "good" action-based film/TV shows in the books that I can use for this kinda thing?
Don't about the studio (Brilliant Genesis?).

For shows: "Karl Kombatmage," "Neil the Ork Barbarian," "Against the Hive (wink.gif). " That's all I got for now.
Sprawl Survival Guide and SOTA 2063 both detail popular trids and simsense releases.
He hasn't been mentioned in canon for a while, but Slade the Sniper was another old shadowrunner-esque simsense series.
Shadowbeat would be your best bet if this was around back then.

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