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Full Version: how big is a facility?
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i was wondering how many square feet a facility takes up and does it cost any nuen to maintain?
The Sprawl Survival Guide has the answer to your question, and more. It is quite a lot of space, on the warehouse level at least.
thanks biggrin.gif
i will have to think about buying the sprawl survival guide.
Here's a quick equation if you can't wait for the SSG. A smallish little bookstore (think the mom-and-pop type, not the "we have a coffee shop and a harp player and a home improvement section" shite bookstores) is about 1500-2000 square feet. Each tile in a supermarket is a square foot. Most people consider about 5 square feet to be their "personal space". That should give you a bit of an idea on sizes until you can get all the goodies in the SSG.

The Abstruse One
thanks again that will help a lot spin.gif
Good, this puts to rest an arguement I had with someone a while back as to whether a car mechanic would work in a shop or a facility.

Suffice to say, I was right.
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