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Full Version: RL valkyrie modules
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Ah... the march of time brings us ever closer to SR...

This has been around since the turn of the century. The FDA approved computer assisted telemanipulation devices for the purpose of general surgery in July 2000, and has been used for a variety of telesurgery procedures, from cholecystectomies to even Nissen Fundoplications. Cutting edge stuff... the one I'm familiar with is the da Vinci unit, which is mainly for abdominal surgeries.
Interesting concept. But I'm wondering what numbskull slapped the name of Valkyrie on this gizmo. Wether IRL or In Game it would be the Antithesis of what a Valkyrie represents. A dude is in a battle, he get's chosen by Odin, one of his Valkyrie's flies down and waits, Odin sticks out his spear and touches the Dude, the Great Warrior Dude has an "accident" and is Killed, the Spirit of Dude is met by Valkyrie, she beats the tar out of him and Drags him to Valhalla, where he drinks, feasts, fornicates, and fights till the end of time. so WTF does this Gizmo have in common with a Valkyrie???
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