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Full Version: need stats for a bear
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Hi all,
I was wondering if someone might be able to provide me with the game stats for a regular bear or panda, or perhaps a giant awakened variety of either. My copy of Critters is currently at my old address. If this breaks any forum rules, please ignore. Thanks for your help.
Kanada Ten
Just so you know, the Critters book has been made into a free PDF, which you can download from

Body 9/1
Quickness 4 (x3)
Strength 9
Intelligence 2/4
Willpower 2
Essence 6
Reaction 5
Ini 5 + 1D6
6S, +1 Reach

This non-territorial carnivore descended from the black bear can reach a height of 1.5 meters at the shoulder, a length of 3 meters, and a weight of more than 600 kilograms. The piasma prefers its prey alive, but it often survives by scavenging the garbage metahumans leave behind.

B 11/2
Q 4 (x5)
S 13
I 2/4
W 4
E 6
R 4
INIT: 4 + 2D6
Attacks: 9D, +1 Reach
Powers: Enhanced Physical Attributes (Strength or Quickness, once per day each, for [Essence x 2D6 turns], Enhanced Reaction, Enhanced Senses (Thermographic Vision, Wide-Band Hearing)
Weaknesses: Allergy (Sunlight, Nuisance)
Capt. Dave
EDIT: YotC has stats for Horned Bears, and you can modify the stats for bears using the rules in Critters, either by making them larger-than-normal examples, or by mutating them.
Kanada Ten
Ins't the Horned Bear in YotC, or is it just aditionally in SotA'63?
Capt. Dave
QUOTE (Kanada Ten @ Mar 28 2005, 09:45 PM)
Ins't the Horned Bear in YotC, or is it just aditionally in SotA'63?

No, I'm just an idiot right now. sleepy.gif It's in YotC.
Actually used the Horned Bear in one of my missions - nearly fragged up the group before they killed it. Of course the whole "challenge" issue now is known, so you only can use that gambit once.
Ah the horned bear, my favorite of the imported ED critters
You forgot the cute little Drop Bears and Wombrick.
As if kowala bears aren't mean enough, they went and infected them with HMHVV. Where are the stats for those, anyway? Critters?

Edit: Never mind, found them in Target: Awakend Lands
Thanks for the help guys.
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