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Full Version: SR novels, and how to get them
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Ok, I've been looking around for good ways of aquiring some of what I've heard are the better SR novels, but I haven't had much luck.
Most of those I find seem to be shipping from california or some other godforsaken outpost of civilization and will only ship to the U.S (sometimes canada as well)
And when I do find anyone willing to ship to europe the price on shipping is more than I'm paying for the books themselves.

So, anyone know of a good way to get those Novels to my humble abode here in Norway, without paying hell in postage?
BTW, i don't read german that well, otherwise I'd be considering getting the german versions (I think there are german versions of the novels anyway, might be wrong)
Check around on ebay - I've seen people shipping from Europe there, that might help. But unless you can go to your local used bookstore and have them get the books from there, you're going to be paying thru the nose no matter what, sorry.
Were are the bookninjas when I need them? frown.gif
I might get lucky and find some E-bayer shipping form Europe but otherwise I'm stuck at postage from hell. I'd try my local bookstore, but I've got the impression most (some) of these novels are out of print and sort of hard to get.

Edit:Thanks for your tip anyway.
I'm no Ninja, but you could try here.
Or here
Or one closer to you here.
Or get evil and go here.
Slightly reknowned here.
Your local bookstore or gamestore owner can boith order through a distributor to get the books you want, even if they are out of print. The price they charge may or may not be cheaper than ebay. Bookstores that have used books and sell new titles usually have the best distributor connections.
I guess my local specialized fantasy/Sci-fi bookstore ought to have a way of getting at those books, I just thought they were no longer available from distrbutors, but only used and from shops that still have the titles in store.

Thanks for the massive response guys.
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