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Full Version: Need Help Translating Utilities to a UV system...
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Hey all,
I could really use some help. I'm getting ready for the big final run against the Renraku Arcology and the final showdown in the UV against Deus. I'm running low on ideas on how to translate the Utilities for use in the Medieval Japan metaphor of the sculpted UV system. I could really use some advice--I'm running out of ideas. The book says they can become items representing the utilities, skills, bonus dice, or modify TNs. Here's what I have so far and a list of every utility--any help would be appreciated.

Also, I have three magicians in my group... I know you can't use magical skills in the matrix, but I'd like to give them something useful to do in the UV system--they're so geared towards spellcasting, they'll be almost useless and very frustrated. I would appreciate advice on this matter too.

AttackS (targetting) – Katana (STR+4)S
Armor – Samurai Armor (Rating)
Shield – Kite shield (Rating)
Medic – Biotech Skill (Rating)
Sleaze – Stealth Skill (Rating)
Camo – Smoke Bombs, aka. “Ninja Vanish”, +(rating) bonus to Stealth open tests to escape pursuit.
Analyze, Browse, Camo, Commlink, Crash, Deception, Decrypt, Defuse, Encrypt, Evaluate, Mirrors, Purge, Read/Write, Redecorate, Relocate, Scanner, Sniffer, Snooper, Spoof, Swerve, Triangulation, Validate, BattleTac Matrixlink, Cellular Link, Compressor, Guardian, Maser Link, Microwave Link, Radio Link, Remote Control, Satellite Link, Sleaze, Track, Attack L, Attack M, Attack S, Attack D, Black Hammer, Erosion, Hog, Hog, Killjoy, Slow, Steamroller, Armor, Cloak, Lock-on, Medic, Restore, Shield

Sorry, I just don't know enough about medieval Japan to help you much. Everything I keep thinking of fits a more medieval Europe metaphor.
Commlink or other "link"s: carrier Pigeon?
Deception/Spoof: Kabuki mask?
Attack D: Earthquake?
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