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Full Version: One step closer to Deckers
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A paralysed man has had a chip implanted to help him control everyday items.
i would sa that this, in practice, might be more like move by wire or some such--tapping into the brains thoughts before the body even has a chance of doing it.
Rock! this is one of the developement's that I've been waiting on. Once I get the bugs in the actuators worked out, this will allow direct brain control of the cyberlimbs I'm working on for my snr. project!
(jumps around, does a backtuck, and does a happy dance)

We can rebuild him, stronger faster, better than he was before, danm it now we DO have the technology. biggrin.gif
Wow... the future is now smile.gif

You go, Mortax.
I'm just waiting on a shipment from a supplyer to build the SMA actuators for the arm. It will still be a while before it would be functional enough to permenetly attach, but I'm hoping by then they can interface with the entire cortex.

(crosses fingers)
i'm a bit confused though, are these arms they're talking about, attached to him, or are they talking more of like a robot that he's wired too?
Well that's pretty amazing. We might get those cyberlimbs on time with the SR timeline... biggrin.gif

It's a comforting thought though, if I ever end up paraplegic, they might manage a "cure" (at least for the "symptoms") before I die of old age.

The future, as they say, is now.
And there's more. Check out the One Step Closer to Cyberphones thread. And for those who don't get the RSS feed, try this on for size - trode sets for making music.
we still dont have feedback so while the person can pick up an raw egg in theory he risks crushing it as he cant sense the amount of pressure he is putting on it. our sense of touch is the last one we think about but the one we relay on the most. every MM of out skin is a sensor...

movement is a constant feedback loop, and until they can get that going he will be better of in a wheelchair as its a more stable platform. maybe wire in the controls of it the the brain and add a robotic arm but dont expect him to walk until they have the feedback thing solved...
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