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Full Version: Sample characters
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I reconize some from SR Duels. IMO Wolf Nev is the coolest action figure ever by virtue of having a board with nails in it for a weapon. But are the others characters from the SR universe? With my limited knowledge of such I assume the combat decker is Bull and the face is the reporter from Sprawl Survival Guide. Are the others people I should know?
The Grifter
I forget her name, but the elf chick in the black skinsuit is the covert ops specialist archetype from the BBB.
I think her name was Midnight. Lothan the Wise is the troll combat mage from the sample characters in BBB. Not sure about the rest.

And you're right about Wolf Nev being the coolest of the bunch. Hell, he even has a Dead Kennedy's pin on his vest. cyber.gif
I just wish they'd gotten a chance to put out wave 3. I wanted that decker.
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