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Full Version: What's in an Eagle Security depot?
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Omer Joel
I'm currently making the final plans for a Bug City campaign. Among the modifications to the cannon material in it, I intend to make Volksville into a much larger, more powerful Human Alliance, headed by the remnants of the local Humanis Policlub branch. They should be a major threat - atleast as major as the warlords, though by no means as major as the bugs or their Swamp Things lackeyes.

Anyway, my backstory for that faction involves them taking over an Eagle Security depot (think of what LoneStar has in their Seattle HQ, but somewhat smaller), either through one of them working there undercover prior to the Bug-out (IIRC Eagle is a Pueblo corp, and Ameridns aren't exactly on good terms with Humanis, right?) or by them retaking it from a small nest.

So, to what equipment would these lucky skinheads have access? I think of it along the following lines of three broad categories:

1) Common items - mostly standard issue equipment to Eagle Security cops. Heavy pistols, armor jackets (or vests with plates), shotguns (semi-auto, I think), stun batons, radios, restrains and a large number of squad cars (General Products C.O.P IIRC), maybe tazers and a few light drones, as well as a sizeable collection of ammo, spare parts and fuel for these kinds of gear. They should have enough of these items to spread among their members and build a consderable, though lightly-equipped, army (a few hundreds of members, for the very least).

2) Rarer items - mostly riot/support gear such as Neurostun-VII or smoke grenades, Ares Citymasters (with water cannons and gel-round autocannons, though the autocannons could, ofcourse be reloaded with standard ammo), riot shields, light security armor, "paddy wagons"; possibly also heavier squad cars and SMGs/ARs from response teams. Light helicopters and some drones. Enough for several medium-sized heavy units (50-100 "soldiers").

3) Really rare items - SWAT gear. Sniper rifles, quality assualt rifles, heavy armor (medium+ security or light military), FFBAs, assault helicopters, high-powered vehicles, cyberware ready to be installed and the likes. Aldso some magical gear, though I'm not sure to wht extent the Humanis thugs would use it. Usable by a few small teams.
Don't forget to include all the goodies in the "Evidence Locker." That includes all sorts of items that have been lifted off of perps-- drugs, foci, fetishes, poc-secs with lists of underworld contacts, etc.
Omer Joel
Nice idea. This will give them some combat drugs, as well... Yes, and nice blackmail material on some underworld figures. Ofcourse, not every piece of blackmail info would be useful in the CZ... but still...
Restraints. Most police stations have at least a small jail, and a matching set of restraints of various sizes: belly chains, cuffs, AWS bellys, you name it.

Another useful item or two in an average police station would be communications gear. powerful comm in fact. With encrypted channels and the whole nine. Of course that's dependent on how much time staff had to jump ship.

Files. Information of all sorts. A good way to hook the players into various runs.
Gotta echo Paul: files.

Imagine that the come across records that indicate where things may be stashed, especially weapons or even evidence against their own groups (or enemy groups) for when the walls come down. They may not be able to get to it themselves... but they have items to offer any Shadowrunner who will retrieve it for them.
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