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Full Version: The Ancient Files: The Infected
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Ancient History
Hear ye, hear ye, I have revised and expanded my Infected page, regarding all things HMHVV.
Looks good. I only saw one tiny typo at the very end.


7211 Tír na nÓg
Brief snippet on how the banshee as a false spirit.
Well, right at the beginning, youn refer to homophagues as 'homothobes'. Now, if only they were only gay-bashers .... wink.gif

The wendigo is surely the most fearsome of the homophobes, for many of them encourage others amongst the uninfected to participate in the same ghoulish feasts.

Also, some other minor typos. I can PM them to you if you want. No shame in that, it happens, surely it does to me. wink.gif

And it's great to have a compilation of the various infected now! This will surely come in handy. Just won't show my GM, my poor elf has been through a lot of shit already by his hands (like, losing her left arm yesterday) and really doesn't need to be infected with HMHVV now.

Reminds me: do immortal elves get infected by HMHVV? They have a disease resistence, but considering the magical nature of this plague, I'd wonder whether they weren't at risk of catching it regardless.
Ancient History
Weeeellll...first off, they'd have to be drained. Provided they /could/ be drained, and didn't have an anchored Slay Virus spell around, it is potentially possible that they could be turned. Maybe.

THat's for HMHVV and the Bruckner-Langer strain. For HMHVV-II, and the Krieger Strain, they should be able to shrug off the infection before any damage is done.

As for the damn typos...ah, well. I'll fix it.
I've noticed that there are alot of Varients based on if the infected was Elf Troll or Dwarf but none if they were Ork.

Anything thin on that?
Ancient History
<scratches head> Elves, dwarfs, and orks gets screwed a little sideways because you never find out what happens if they get infected with HMHVV-II. Other than that...<shrugs> Personally, I've always thought the wendigo the most classy of the Infected.
I've found a shot gun loaded with silver shot to the heart tends to be effective accross the boards.
Ancient History
Snowie: Check out the vulnerabilies section. ;)
talking about oddities when it comes to hmhvv infections is that vampire dont realy seems to be limited to humans, if any other metahuman is infected it seems as if they can either turn into one of their respective types or the standard vampire (given that vampire stats require a metahuman base rather then having solid numbers).
Ancient History
Ah, there's a bone of contention.
I always thought that the bandersnatchi should be orks with HMHVV-II. In our home game it was a matter of Patterson screwing up his research (again).
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