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I was reading Dunkies will today off the fanpro site and I started wondering how others treated thier recently deceased player characters. Do they get any time what so ever conversing with The Grim Reaper, or their Deity of choice, or do they get the Red Shirted Ensign treatment.
In my current group we gave the so long only one dead PC a decent burial, inform his family and help with some nuyen.gif .
Guess if another char of that group dies we will handle it the same way.

Other groups, other chars: other decisions to make. wink.gif
...and then sometimes it's just every runner for himself frown.gif
loot the body - sadly I thought i was worth more than that!!


torz x wink.gif
The Grifter
Grab the body and give them a proper burial. You don't want to give the GM the chance to send your assumed dead twinked-out Sammie after you as an NPC cyberzombie.
dead bodies make great improvised decoys, meat shields, distractions, extra heat signatures, difficult to move bombs...

...all of which have *never* (coughs) happened in any game I've gm'd... reallly... move along.

In most of my games, even dead runners are still assets to their teams (highly disposable... but still assets) but they always loot the body for at least the sidearm/ammo/plastique/datachips.
It depends greatly on the character.

Twitch was killed by my shaman casting a fire bolt at him when he was wearing 12-24 grenades, there want enough left for a sponge and we told many storeys of his stupidity at the bar, great full we would never see him again.

Those that dies in the Aztec pyramid where left where they fell, no mater why would want the body it isnít worth lying down beside it.

Others have been looted and I think some even made it to proper burial with property going to his wife (although the wife was a PC that participated in the characterís murder).

I've only had three PC's die. the first about ten muinutes into the first ever game, still in the learning stages, walked into an ambush (is it still an ambush if you know they are waiting for you?) and took a shotgun burst to the face. we looted the body and I think tossed him into the bay, as we were at the docks and it just seemed right. the next character died bravely in combat, so we collected all her gear, there wasn't much left of the body, but i think the doc wagon team took her, and we gave all her stuff to her next character. the last one was an execution for a betrayal. that was fun, we sold the body for parts, took all the stuff, had a friend make a cast from one of the character's hands so we could get into his bank account. (then made that player's next character take a cortex bomb, his fault he wanted to be a character realated to that plotline, like we were about to trust anyone after that) There would hve been more deaths, but, well, we were on first name basis with doc-Wagon.
The only character who died on our watch thus far we didn't know for very long, but he was a competent mage and a good person to have at your back. We organlegged the usable parts of his corpse and had a toast in his memory with the proceeds.

Capt. Dave
We had a PC die as a result of another PC's hasty actions. This hasty PC then looted the body and was never seen again.
When GMing, my dear (really) PC's usually don't die or die en masse. I don't think there's ever been any looting, except for temporary borrowing weapons or ammo but hey, it's only for a short wile - soon they're lying next to their comerades. Oh right, one PC evaded the group beeing killed once, but looting was definately out of the question. Parachuting out of an out of control aircraft...

I've never killed my PC's with snipers or random gunfire, but if they mess up... I hope they learn to run away next time smile.gif
QUOTE (Capt. Dave)
We had a PC die as a result of another PC's hasty actions. This hasty PC then looted the body and was never seen again.

I'll find him. I'll make him pay.

Crimson Jack
Four of my five players are vultures/scavenger personality types, so they'd loot the hell out of any downed player. They may not even wait for death. It's scary at times.

The fifth player is the "mommy" of the group and typically scolds everyone for acting out of line. My only female player. biggrin.gif
We've had numerous PC deaths, ranging from TPK's(Being at ground zero of a nuke) to one guy attempting to fire a grenade launcher, scoring triple 1's and a grenade with a flaw in the casing going off in his hands to a guy dying on the operating room table of another PC(24 rolls and not a single 6)

Typically, if people are dying, we're in too much of a hurry to run to worry too much about their dead body. Except for making sure they ARE a dead body and can't roll over on us.

We do drag out of the line of fire dying team mates and try to get them help.
Really depends on the characters. One PC death in the very early years of our gaming was a guy who knowingly walked into a room with whirring miniguns. The others collected what was left of him, put him on a plane with the proceeds from the run, and crashed it into the Arc (he'd always dreamed of going crazy and into a killing spree in the Arc for some reason).

Another was when some PCs were playing true sociopaths, and when left alone with another PC (who had been beaten unconscious due to disagreements with the party), killed him. He was left for dead and came back after the others as a vampire.

Haven't had too many player deaths, but each one gets treated different.
we sold the body for parts, took all the stuff, had a friend make a cast from one of the character's hands so we could get into his bank account.

Ack, in my short sightedness I forgot the Organ bank option... sorry guys...
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