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Full Version: Everyone needs a hand
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I just thought I'd share an idea I've had. Since I can't really use it in my present campaign and I don't get much playing time, it might be some use to someone else.

I'm presently going through a thief character obsession, so I've been messing with the numbers on that. My latest flight of fancy is inspired by the Adams Family.

Rigger 3 (soon to be replaced, I know, I know) says you can put a cyberarm or leg or whatever on a drone. So why not make a drone that is a cyberhand?

The character in question could have a detachable cyberhand per M&M rules. When "attached" the drone functions like a normal cyberhand. It also is a drone in its own right, with a pilot rating and so on, and can be controlled via a remote link when detached and "roaming free". It can crawl across the floor "walking" like a spider drone, if armed with a fingertip injector it can attack people and so on.

Apart from maybe sticking gecko-gloves bits on the drone/hand's fingers and letting it climb through ducts (and sticking a tool laser on one of the fingers to cut through vents) I'm not sure this idea has much application, but I thought it was quite cool. Obviously you'd need to give the thing sensors or a camera or something which would be cool for looking around corners.

If the character carried more than one hand you would (a) have an enviable and probably life-threatening ability to make in-character puns and seriously off-colour jokes and (b) have your "hand" scout ahead in dangerous areas, attack the villan from behind (in the ankle) when he's delivering his "now that you're doomed I will reveal my evil plot" speech, have the "hand" turn on the TV when the remote is missing and so on.

make shure you put an eye hook or such on it so you can tie cordes of on the hand when detached. Who needs stealth line, just let go when you are done with the line. I would also buy a spare, it sounds like something that could be lost or smashed easily.
I had a player who wanted something like that, but it was a pair of cyber arms, so if he went down in combat the pilots of the arms would continue to seek targets. the "sholders" also had magnets in them so he could take them off and use them as smart turrets. never got to play it though, too bad. I like the idea it has all manner of possibilties.
Micro walker, like the spider drones. Add a DNI function (basicly a data jack) and knock your self out.

So say 2x the price of a micro walker w/ data jack?
Crimson Jack
QUOTE (Enigma)
attack the villan from behind (in the ankle) when he's delivering his "now that you're doomed I will reveal my evil plot" speech

Your villains do that? Jeebus, lucky runners. wink.gif

On a serious note though, that's a pretty funny (and cool) idea.
Not to mention the fact that it would seriously frag with the minds of any potential enemies. smile.gif

Lone Star Homicide Investigator: "What in Hades happened to this guy?"

Coroner: "By all indications, Inspector, he was strangled--manually, that is, bare-hands only. There are only finger-marks on his neck, no ligature marks."

L.S.H.I.: "Yeah, but HOW the FRAG did the perp do it? There're NO signs of forced entry, and according to the other forensics team members, the ONLY fingerprints in the room are those of the hotel staff and the deceased."

C.: "I wish I knew...."


Next, on CSI:Shadowrun
Crimson Jack
QUOTE (Trax)
Next, on CSI:Shadowrun

Now that would be a CSI that I would watch!
Hell, forget CSI, just have Shadowrun as a tv show. That would be freaking awesome...unless they screw it up, in that case, as a certain Jedi said: "[It's] if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced".
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