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Full Version: Need help with some custom guns
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Okay, here's the deal. I have a tough time making custom guns without going overboard. I'm trying to make a few custom weapons that are supposed to be under creation in an Ares lab. The guy in charge of the project is trying to make troll sized weapons for the open market. The weapons should be relatively cheap to make (the market is small, they don't want a huge risk by marketing something really expensive), and take advantage of the extra size. I'm thinking a shotgun (probably the thunderer), an assault rifle, a pistol, and maybe a SMG. Any thoughts here?

ask HMHVV Hunter. biggrin.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
Just make weapons somewhat similar to the ones in the book except for a few parts. Also, a high concealability shotgun with barrel reduction and no stock to market as the most pistol like item. SMG with maxed power but slightly less recoil reduction than their equivalent. Not sure how to handle any other options, but look through TSS, one of them had suggested price multipliers to determine the mass produced retail cost for a custom firearm.
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