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I'm looking to do a human looking hobgoblin street sam, called Devil
you know
kid stealth legs
balance tail
and cosmetic upgrades

making him a demon like creature
suggestion how to make this character ?
flaws of course distincitive style biggrin.gif
do a satyr. Then you don't need the legs.
Wounded Ronin
Give him thermite grenades. And a pitchfork which he enjoys jabbing you in the rump with. (Pole arms?)
Specialized Negotiation skill: Pacts for Firstborn Children or Souls
hmmm, is there any satanist sect in seattle?
QUOTE (Wounded Ronin)
Give him thermite grenades. And a pitchfork which he enjoys jabbing you in the rump with. (Pole arms?)

what is a thermite grenegde?
no polearms no no no demon like not comedy!
Is there any effectful hellsmoke puffs ?
White phosphorus grenades - real nasty stuff. Flamethrowers are out of the usual Availability limit for a starting shadowrunner, but you could still take assault rifles and spray weapons as skills, and add the flamethrower as an underbarrel weapon later in the game. Take either the Ambidexterity Edge or a decently high off-hand weapons skill to get the full advantage of those hand razors (and in addition to the improved blades, be sure to get them dikoted). Also, take a martial art that will let you get the Close Combat maneuver for using hand razors.

Give some thought to how your character deals with moving around when he is not in the barrens - how does he avoid getting stopped by LoneStar on sight? Horns, fangs, and hand razors come in retractable models, and Kid Stealth legs can be switched out with normal legs (or you could wear a long coat to hide your legs and tail). In some campaigns, the GM might not even bother with how shadowrunners get around, but in other campaigns, such a distinctive character might not even be feasible.
Don't forget to make him an Adversary Shaman (with lots and lots of Geasa) while you're at it.
That depends on how many build points are used for the game. For lower build point allocations, that could spread the character too thin. Plus, the geasa could be either crippling or negligible, depending on the GM.

When you said a "human-looking" hobgoblin, did you mean the Edge? Unless your GM house-rules it, the metavariants can't take that Edge. Plus, hobgoblins have greenish skin, not red. If you want an orkish metavariant, two better ones for your concept would be Oni (get red skin, horns, pointed ears, and fangs), or Satyrs (get horns, pointed ears, fangs, and a goat-like lower body). If you want an ork who could "pass" for human, you are stuck with the standard model.
Crusher Bob
Thermite Wiki
In grenade form, used for certain sorts of demolition or setting things on fire. Not worthwhile to throw at people.
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