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Full Version: [MrJBlackBook] Memory and the confusion
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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting here, so be nice to me, treat me gentle...

So here is the problem, I am really confused about the different memory costs for cyberdecks, and other personal electronics,

I have found the Sr3 errata that says OMCs cost .5 x Mp nuyen,

and that seems to coincide with the Matrix book,

I will break it down for your ease of use:

1) Active Memory:
the parts cost: OMC @ (memory size x 2), plus 1.5 x memory size (matrix pg. 56)

i.e. if you are buying 100 Mp of active memory, the cost is for an OMC at 200 Mp, then 1.5 x Memory Size, or 100 x 2 = 200, 200 x .5 = 100, 100 + 1.5 x 100 = 250 nuyen for 100 Mp of active memory.

Installing this requires no design test, software test, or cook test, and just needs to be installed. So then why, when ordering a cyberterminal does active memory cost Mp x 7.5 nuyen. (Matrix pg. 67)

I realize you are ordering the component and that you are paying for labor and what not, but if you simplify the parts cost equation you get,
Memory Size x 2.5, (I believe my math is correct if it is wrong please tell me),
So why the huge difference between prices( my theory is that they used the old 5 nuyen per Mp rule that is in Sr3)

and considering the parts cost and the short amount of labor, what would be a more reasonable cost for ordering cyberdecks with active memory, or is the parts cost to cheap?

2) Storage Memory
parts cost: OMC at desired Mp plus .5 per Mp of memory, (Matrix pg. 60)
or has I read it, simply Memory Size,

so 100 Mp of Storage memory would cost 100 nuyen in parts.

Again, to order it it is Mp x 6 nuyen. or for our example 600 nuyen. (Matrix pg. 67)
same concerns here as for active memory...

3) Off-line storage
this one is simple: the costs read as 50 + (5 x Mp) (Matrtix pg. 63), it seems to me, (and my GM concurs) that this should simple be 50 + (.5 x Mp), to stay in line with the errata. To me it doesn't make sense to have off-line storage (which could be done with a chip reader and OMC chips) so expensive.

Tell me what you guys think, and thanks ahead of time for the help and advice


Amadeus, you may want to repost this in the general Shadowrun forum, and they can get tyou the help you need.

This spot refers to the Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book which was released not too long ago.

I dont have my books here with me at work, or else Id give you a hand!

Sorry everyone, I was confused when I orignally posted this, I am going to re-post this in the general section.

So yea,

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