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Full Version: Bailing Out
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Little Bill
In a game last night, my physical adept decided that our team's RV was about to get the business end of a Thunderbird's autocannon and that he didn't want to be in the RV when that happened, so he bailed out the side door.
After a quick search through the rules I didn't find any specific rules for jumping from a moving vehicle. We ended up treating it as a collision, which resulted in my trying to soak 13S damage with just my Body score (we were going 130 kph at the time) and getting pretty badly hurt as a result.

The question is, shouldn't there be some rule for lessoning the damage considering that I was deliberately bailing out, and am a physical adept with considerable acrobatic skill that should help me to tuck and roll? It might help that we were also on an empty freeway at the time - a nice flat surface with no obstacles to run into. I took a quick look through both the core book and Rigger 3 but didn't see anything helpful.

I would say, athletics test TN based on the speed, 130 KPH/ 10 = 13 TN

Use successes to reduce the power level, then roll to soak any remaining damage. It should be tough, but not impossible to reduce it to some road rash, though I doubt I'd let him walk away completely unscathed.

On second thought, You could allow impact armor to reduce the TN also,
Little Bill
QUOTE (Nikoli)
On second thought, You could allow impact armor to reduce the TN also

I did reduce it by half my Impact armor, but reducing 13 to 12 really doesn't do me any favors.
Tuck and roll, grandma, tuck and roll!

I'd house-rule it as (speed/10)M damage for a deliberate bail-out and (speed/10)S for an ejection (or just use collision rules).
13S sounds about right (in our games, it would probably end up being 13D damage). I'd probably allow an Athletics test against a TN of 13 to reduce the power level by one per success (similar to the SR Companion p46 rules for rolling with a fall), and half Impact armor applying to the damage resistance. 130 speed is non-trivial, to say the least.
QUOTE (Little Bill)
I did reduce it by half my Impact armor, but reducing 13 to 12 really doesn't do me any favors.

It might if you calculated in the armor after any successes from the Athletics test. smile.gif
Even an adept should get hurt bailing out of a vehicle at that speed. But I agree, there should definitely be a way to lessen that hurt a bit that said adept can take advantage of. I agree with the general consensus here.
well, not just adepts. anyone should be able to bail out of a moving vehicle willingly, roll with it and if lucky actually manage to walk away from it. Sure, it can kill you (as it should be able to) but we aren't talking some schmuck off the street. It's just not cinematically cool to die that way, unless said vehicle then rams the big nasty evil genius or in some other way kills the bad guy or at least makes a pretty esplosion, then, if dramatically appropriate it's okay for a hero to die.
Speed 130m/ct or 130 km/h
Speed 130m/ct becomes 156km/h.

you should be lucky to be alive ether way setting the base DL at S means that there is no chance of death from this stunt.

If you wanted to you could have burned karma do drop the target number,

I was the GM in last night in Little Bill's game.

I also think that bailing out of a vehicle going 130m/ct is fast and deadly. But according to the collision rules it is only Serious damage. The action was going pretty fast at the moment, so I made a quick ruling that his character was colliding with the pavement. So 13S seemed reasonable according to the rules. I personally think that it should have been deadlier myself, so that is somethin that I look for in SR4 to see if they have changed the collision rules at all.

I also allowed him to use Combat Pool in his damage resist test. Likewise, I think that an athletics(acrobatics) test versus speed/10 should also be allowed to possibly reduce the damage level some (2 successes reduce the damage power by one).

So in all he ended up only taking moderate damage. He is an adept after all.

I think you made the right ruling. I would almost waqnt to se a lower power and a higer damage code but the ruls say what thay say so what the hell.

It just seems strange that an old granny with body 1 no armour and no training will not die when thrown from a vehicle moving at over 100Km/h.

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