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Full Version: Breaking Down Attributes
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So... the world's best sprinters (so far as I know) max out their speeds at about 35 MPH.

A mile is 5280 feet.
That's 1760 yards.
A yard is a little less than a meter.
So roughly 61600 meters per hour. (35 MPH)
Comes out to roughly 17.1 meters per second.
A combat phase is three seconds.
53 meters/combat phase (at a running multiplier of 3) goes right back to 17.1.
Characters can't be made with that much quickness.

Admittedly, you can achieve those speeds through magic, shapeshifter running modifiers, etc.

Still... we're talking about top-of-the line, non-augmented, human runners NOW.

Even with the athletics kick increasing running range...

Sorry... I guess I'm complaining about the fact that Michael Johnson would be a Godlike gunbunny, I suppose.

I don't know about that, seems about right to me if you're talking about absolute maximum. A runner that good would probably have the edges for Exceptional Attribute and Aptitude (Athletics) and would probably be at the Attribute Maximum. For a human that's 9 or 10 (with the Exceptional Attribute edge). The absolute best runners in the world probably have Athletics (Running) skills of about 10-12... So that goes up to an effective quickness of about 20 for a turn, if they hit all successes, or on average about 17... Just about right.
Yes... That does sound about right. I reckon they just summoned a moderate force 'Track and Field' spirit and used its movement power though.

On a side note, imagine what an Olympic runner could've done in the year or so immediately following the Awakening if they'd been able to summon nature spirits...

A good sprinter runs 100 meter in 9 - 10 seconds -> 10 to 11 meter per second.
11 meter per second are 39,6 km/h or 33 meter/combat phase.
With Quickness 9 + 3 successes (Athletics) no problem.
Not to mention that the given running distances are with gear and normal clothing and without the mentioned possibility of increasing quickness via athletics skill ...
Where did you get the 35 MPH speed from? Everything I can remember points to about 15 MPH being the max for humans these days, with about 8 MPH sprint being average and 4 MPH over any real distance.

Hell, horses max out at about 40-50 MPH...

Very slight Dragonheart Saga spoiler follows:

[ Spoiler ]

The Abstruse One
last i heard the max was 30, but that was over 10 years ago so i could easily imagine it being bumped up to 35. 10-15 is for the average schmoe, not an olympic class runner that's been training most of his life.
Ronin Soul
okay, this is off topic but how do you turn off the spoiler censors in this forum?
Austere Emancipator
Left click on the Spoiler-tag once does the trick, apparently.

I don't know what ware Burnout has, but you can run pretty fast with this setup:
Human max Quickness = 10 (with exceptional attribute that's the highest you can naturally get, rite?)
Add Muscle Replacement 4 = 14
Add Adrenaline Pump-2 = 16
Hydraulic Jacks-4, Artwinkulation, Synthacardium-2, ReflexRec(Spec: Ath/Run), Athletics (Running) 6 (12) = 10 successes on average
78 meters per CT, 93.6kph, 58.2mph
A Night One can get at least 3 points higher in Quickness (right?), for 87 meters per CT, 104.4kmh, 64.9mph
Zeel De Mort
8 mph is pretty slow for a sprint. It'd take you nearly 30 seconds to cover 100m at that speed - you'd have to be pretty fat to take that long!

I'd say something roughly like 28mph or so is what 100m sprinters do nowadays, and the rules are (reasonably...) accurate as far as an unaugmented human being able to get into that ball park.

As was said, you need to cover 100m in a little under 10 seconds to be world class these days. So let's say you have just Q6 and Athletics (Running) at like 8 or something:

That's an effective running Quickness of around 10, assuming no aptitude or anything. With running multiplier 3 you can see that's right on the 10m/s average you need to break 10 seconds for the sprint. So get a little better than average roll, or improve your stats, and you're away.

Going back to my original figure, 28 mph is about 12.52 m/s, which I'd guess is about what a sprinter is doing towards the end of a run.

Also, by my reckoning, 35mph is 15.64 m/s not 17.1 m/s. But hey, what's a few m/s difference between sprinters... smile.gif
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