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Full Version: Any Louisville Players
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Me and some of the guys are starting to put together a few concept ideas for Louisville in the Shadowrun Era. I just figured I would pick the brains of some of the players from the Louisville surrounding area.

Also, if there is any information available about what happens in this part of the country, I would love some leads.

Thanks for any help.
The Grifter
Hey hey, I'm your main man in Louisville. Feel free to hit me up for any info I can provide.
Sweet. Have you put together any games that are set in Awakened Louisville? We are toying with ideas for what the River City might be like in 2070.

Side Question - which part of Louisville are you in? Our group is out of the East End (Middletown, Lyndon).
The Grifter
As for Awakened Louisville, no. Though we did toss around that myth about the giant catfish in the Ohio being parabiological. LOL

Our group hails from the South End (Shively, Valley Station, Iroquois area), though we're down to game wherever.
The Grifter
By the way, you got an e-mail address?
Swing Kid
Sent it to your email link.
Swing Kid
My bad.
Teke is one of the players in our SR group who used one of my computers the other day. I didn't realize that he had logged onto dumpshock, which logged me off. Apparently I was using his loggin ID when I started this post. Anyway, the Teke links were me (for this topic), which is why I posted the reply with sending the email information to your email. Sorry if the name changes were confusing.

The Grifter
No sweat, man. Maybe we can get together and game sometime?
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