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Full Version: Ork Idea Thread Redux
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Omer Joel
Along time ago, in a thread far, far away, Dumpshockers created ideas for interesting Orkish characters. I wish that thread to be reborn.

<< ooc.gif Note: I take the SR3 Metahumanlifespanswith a rain of salt. Considering the fact that "55" is listed as the avarage Human life expectancy worldwide, I consider the Ork figure to be the same: justremember that alot of Orks live in far worse conditions than most Humans or Elves. So my 43 years old Ogre won't look THAT old - she looks around 50.>>

Mine is an NPC for my 2055 Chicago campaign:

Ork (Ogre Metavariant) Weapon Specialist/Mercenary
Real Name: Svetlana Miranova
Street Names: Sveta, Machine Mother, The Exile, Outcast, Mother
Age: 43 (Born 15 August 2012)
Physical Overview: Ogre, Female, 159cm, 110kg (Cyber not included yet); a stocky, heavy build; deep green eyes and creamy skin; thinning shoulder-length greying hair (slightly curly); alot of old (2040's), very obvious cyber (Two cyberlegs, two cybereyes, a cyberhand, a datajack and dermal plating); wears worn, loose-fitting camo pants, old Russian-style combat boots, a dark t-shirt and a heavy real-leather jacket above it (when not in armor); quite motherly-looking and motherly-behaving if you don't mind her cyber and if she isn't depressed and/or in combat.

Background: Born in the over-industrialized Urals of the Chelenko era, both of Svetlana's parents were factory in a low-paying government-owned factory; their only daghter grew up in a densly-populated concrete jungle in the shadows of towering chimneys and refinery towers. Despite her poor surroundings, Svetlana had quite a happy childhood; her parents tried to give to her as much warmth as they could after the long hours in the factory, and the presiding sentiments of the era caused her school to encourage her to develop her atheltic abilities rather than ridiculing her for her big appetite, her heavy body and her tendancy to get into fights, even with boys.

In the year of 2024, when our Svetlana was turning 12, a strange change has overcome her. At first, she and her family thought that it was just a strange case of flu, or maybe a side effect of the constant indutrial pollution, but after a few days it grew worse. When she was hospitalized for severe bone aching and fever, it grew clear that she was goblinizing, apparantly into and Ork; eventually, however, her transformation was quite different tha what was then expected from Orks. Her dense hair thinned, her skin remained smooth, she lacked the heavy horns of an Ork and, instead, she grew in body mass far more than the avarage ork; her puberty followed unnaturally quickly and by the age of 13 she was a very mature-looking Ogre girl.

While the more central regions of Russia saw a certain degree of Goblinization-related violence, the remote Ural industrial towns suffered only from a few outbreaks, and order was mostly kept by the Russian Interior Army, which, in that period of extreme nationalism, was unwilling to let these "disturbances" distrupt the heavy, miliatry-related industries of the Urals. Evenually, the riots calmed, and the Russian government began to realize how useful Metahumans, and especially Orks, could be in combat. In 2028, while tentions with Poland were beginning to run high, the 16-years-old Ogre, an excelling school athlete by that time, was accepted to an infantry military academy which taught her how to use her Goblinized physical abilities for the good of the Motherland; at the time, young Svetlana was proud to be pulled out of her industrial hellhole of a birthplace to serve her country. The doubts will only come later.

Svetlana was only 18 when the first Eurowar came, and she was sent to the Polish front. War, by definition, is completely different from the military academy life she was used to; most of her friends from that academy fell on the first year of the war, sewing the first few seeds of doubt in her heart. But she carried on, fighting in the great offensive of '32 and eventually finding her way to the heart of Germany. Unfortunately for her, the wheeled AP she was riding was hit by an anti-tank rocket, leaving her the only survivor, and even then, extremely badly wounded.

The end of the war and the rise of the Democratic Recovery Alliance found her stuck in a hospital bed, her two legs and her right palm amputeted, her eyes damaged beyond repair, her skin covered with a multitude of burns and her promised penstion drastically reduced by the new government severe budget cuts. Svetlana the soldier, the pride of her parents and of her hometown, was reduced to a crippled invalid, living what seemed as her remaining years in a crouded hospital room which smelled of too much antiseptic and too little fresh air. If she had any ability to shed tears, she would have done so for the first time in many years, as she realized all that she have lost - her humanity, her life, her femininity, and her ability to bear children. And what has she gained? Nothing but a worseless medal given to her by a defeated government which was no longer even in existance.

In 2040, however, after six years of living hell, the new Soviet government (reinstated in 2037) came to her with a proposal she could not refuse: let them operate on her and install some SOTA technology, which would not only allow her to walk, see and use her right hand - but would also make her a better soldier than she always was. She accepted this offer, but the doubts remained - would life with that new technology be like? Would she be thrown once more into the gutter and foirgotten once the government will see her as no longer nescery? But her hope for a future and her remaining patriotism made her choose the implants, and thus she was installed with some of the most cutting edge cyberware of the early 2040's.

And so, after recovering from the operation and going through extensive refreshal courses, she was sent to various missions for the government.

(More to come in a later edit; I post this at several inrtervals since I don't trust the college computer I work on)
There was an ork character that I did for a run thread I didn't make the cut for, and it was a low-powered game (BeCKS with 300 Karma, skill cap of 4, etc.), but I liked his background, so I will post him up here. He can be an NPC if you ever need a "not ready for prime time" runner. Without further ado, here's Gutripper:

[ Spoiler ]
Talia Invierno
For a different twist on things ork, I'll give you the Seattle Spy anchorwoman Tiffany, from the Living in the Shadows campaign. Among anchors, she's that rarity: a genuine reporter, highly skilled at what she does, who's struggled up originally from the Barrens and through painful lessons learning anew how to speak her own language and now through the ranks -- but at the same time she's also a token, trying to establish herself on her own merits in a world that values appearance as often as not. The compromise she's made a long time ago with her life has left her looking completely human -- but the age lines flirting with her eyes keep reminding her that time is running out ...

More about her can be found in Dragon's storyline.
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