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Full Version: Enhanced Movement Spell
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In SR2 my adepts(and samurais) could run ~100 meters/turn and I miss that now.

I wanted to make an SR3 adept who moved like hell and the idea came...
I need a Enhanced Movement Spell tatooed by my shaman fellow.
He makes his conjuring roll, I transfer some of my good karma to improve his familiar spirit energy, and in turn he makes my tatoo.

Ok, the problem is: There is no Enhanced Movement Spell.
Only spirits have that kind of power. Magicians can fly a bit fast with Levitate spell also.
I donīt know if SR3 developers cut out the SR2 [Increased reflexes = fast movement] rules becaused it compromised game play or simply because it was an inconsistent cost/benefit.

If it is the later, nothing prohibits us from creating the spell right ?
I want some suggestions on a Enhanced Movement spell that would not compromise game mechanics but wich still be useful when compared to Levitate. I think that, in the end ,people should not be able to run more the three or four times the normal.
Edit : Right....I've just seen the duplicate thread where everyone else was posting. Move along now, nothing to see here.
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