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Sorry to ask a stupid question, but one of the books has rules/stats for a machine that can erase/reprogram memories. Which book is that in?
The Grifter
Well, there's the Data Filter (Pg.20 M&M). It "blocks the flow of information from short to long term memory".
Cannon Companion, pp68-71.
And from Tir Tairnhoweveryouspellit There's Laes which is a drug that erases the last 24 hours of your memory, but I don't recall any machine that can do any memory reprogramming at all. If there was, I think it'd be called a "Lame Plot Device 9000" or "GM Copout machine" wink.gif
QUOTE (hahnsoo)
Cannon Companion, pp68-71.

Good ideas from the others, too, but this was what I was thinking of.
Ancient History
Laes is interesting to consider, since it appears to be an artificial version of a wine made from the Laesal fruit, which no longer exists.
The Question
Just for completenesses sake, its also in Shadowbeat pages 47-48.
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