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Im hitting a little bit of a wall in GMing right now.

I dont have my books here with me at work, but Im trying to come up with something for the group tonight, and I'm hitting that dreaded writer's block.

I didnt have time to cook up a storyline for tonight for a group of runners fresh from Paradise Lost in Hawaii. Besides spending some quality time in the Hospital healing up and getting some new chrome, I didn't have a whole lot to throw together, right off.

So I've decided to pick your brains about it.

The group is relatively low karma (20's), and not super combat oriented, consisting of:

Shango Houngan
Ork V Rigger
Street Face
Corp Face
Decker who thinks he's a pirate
Phys Ad
Medic Hermetic

Anyone have any suggestions?
They are in a hospital? There could be a crocked doc running some organ leaging / used cyberware clearing house out of the hospital. Boy those runners have some nice toys, maby he can arange for some 'accidents'.

The doc does not need to be tough, maby a boxum troll nurse to guard him. They are in a hospital, and they have no weapons, they also can't make too much noise or security will get them, and who are they going to believe, a respectable doctor, or some doped up street scum?

Also in there efforts to keep there bits within themselfs, they might stop a crocked Doctor. Kinda trick the party into doing something good.
Wounded Ronin
Since it's Hawaii, you can involve ninja from Japan.

How about this? Cthulu is going to appear on the island and eat the world, but a lone ninja warrior or enormous prohetic nature can stop him.

The problem is that Cthulu has all these cultists with guns who can shoot the ninja. So the ninja hires the PCs to take care of all the cultists while he goes and defeats Cthulu.

Cthulu is so powerful that if any of the PCs looks at him he goes insane. The ninja is so powerful that he can kill Cthulu, but dies in the process.

So you have an adventure idea, yes, but at the same time when both Cthulu and the ninja die you get rid of overly powerful NPCs in your game world.

Proof that ninja can defeat Cthulu:
The Grifter
LMFAO That rocks.

But if there's a ninja, he'll have to fight the pirate decker.

Does the decker have lasers? grinbig.gif
If they are still in Hawa'ii, perhaps you can go on a "Capture the (Par)animal" run. A wealthy collector wants a rare bird from a certain island, and the runners are hired to get it. It is illegal to take said bird from the natural habitat. Hilarity ensues.

My suggestion: The Hawa'iian goose, or the nene:

It is Hawa'ii's official state bird. Currently, it is the world's rarest goose, with only 500 members in the wild. It breeds well in captivity, and thus has been saved from extinction through a state breeding program.
Grab one of the Missions and adapt it. It may not be super custom, but they're great if your in a hurry. All the NPCs are already made.
Wounded Ronin
QUOTE (Pthgar)
Grab one of the Missions and adapt it. It may not be super custom, but they're great if your in a hurry. All the NPCs are already made.

Oh my god.


The ancient ninjas were more than assassins; they were also experts in spying and intelligence gathering. A new research facility has just been built, and someone wants to get as much paydata on their operations in case future incursions are necessary. Become the modern ninja and name your pay!
The Grifter
*shoots self*
Well, yeah. But you can't see them, since they walk around with black t-shirts that say "Not a Ninja"
No, you can't see them because they wear cammo. Nothing blends you into a cities background like urban cammo.

I see Frankie, Annette, ruthless harbormaster, beach party at night, Megalodon of course. Hilarity insues.
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