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Akai Sokata
Hoi chummers and chummets

well boys and girls I just got done reading a depressing topic about fallen prime runners and I got to thinking what about our fallen runners don't they need love? heres a short list of my fallen characters, friends and NPC's

Lacolith Troll/merc PC killed 2058 vampiric pawn
Bease elf/sam PC Crippled 2061 Voodoo Heart explode spell
Jade elf/mage PC killed 2058 Mage dual
Rust human/rigger PC killed 2058 Car crash
Gregarious Dwarf/Warrior PC dissapred 2060
Saggy 3 dope Elf/ganger PC killed 2060 kidnaped renraku
Jay human/ganger PC killed increase age spell

*tips his 40oz* heres to you homies

any one else out there wanna honor a memory post it here chummers
The Grifter
War Machine/former company man PC MIA during Arcology infiltration
Konoko - Elf sammy killed while employed by Deus without her knowledge.

(I hate you, Ryan.)
Yoshi/elf/adept sam/KIA 2058 while infiltrating the catacombs of the Raku Arco. At least, the 'ring trick' he made as a final action took that cyberzombie with him. Go Yoshi!
Acid/human/combat mage/KIA 2053 after jumping off the Raku Arco (don't ask .. just ... don't ... )
John Silverstone/human/neurotic sam/MIA 2055, after a disasterous mission against the Seattle mob
Lt. Walter Smithee/human/former Red Samurai/KIA 2058 fleeing the Raku Arco catacombs, traced by a hive of creatures straight from hell (fun with metaplanes and portals, lalala ...)
Alex - Orc/ decker/KIA 2062 Grey ice destroyed deck he was connected to and started an eletrical fire around his unconscious body (only roll of all 1's to date)
(name forgotten) - when given the choice between armor or regeneration, chose poorly

Cat - played the vindictive flaw to the very end. Perhaps she wouldn't have played to the very end had she not had the flaw.

Oh yes, and little Timmy. A dear NPC, who's best friend forgot his current incarnation didn't have the smartlink or the pistol skill to back up his stunts.

Hrmm... The list of characters I've killed as a GM is much longer. Unfortunately, it goes something like:

Killer - died for lack of posting
Throm - died for lack of posting
Joey - died for lack of posting
Kaizer, the first RPG character I ever was truly emotionally invested in, bought it at some point in the mid 50s (we were playing kind of fast and loose with the timeline at that point). I never really found out who did it, either, it was just a sniper shot in the dark that nailed me in one shot, even after using all my karma. The guy who was GMing that night didn't allow any sort of "hand of god" rule (I'm not sure the 2nd ed. main book included any such thing). He also told me afterwards that he'd done it because Kaizer (and yes, I know its mispelled, you fools!) was the longest-running character in the group and he was frustrated that I wasn't retiring him. This makes the GM sound like a huge flaming dick (which he is), but he did feel guilty about it afterwards and say that it was more a comic book type death, and if I really wanted to play Kaizer again I could. I never did, though. It just didn't feel right.
Liam "The Father" O'conner, a retired priest turned shadowrunner in order to raise funds for "taking back mah island from the damn elves!" Died peeking around a corner into the barrel of an assault rifle, before he was ever able to see the realization of his dream... frown.gif
Gunner (cheesy first character)- hit w/ missle. 'Nuff said.

PC's that bought it in mine game (or at least had to hand of god)

ork sammy- killed in the arc, medusa chow

Frost- tripwire-C-XII
Zraith - got a rocket shot at him while he was in his hotel room. THought he'd have better luck jumping out the window. Forgot he was 10 stories up.

Ah Paco, (troll shaman) died casting a spell and his head exploded,

(forgotten Name) streat same with .01 essence, and his foot got caught in the elevator,

soul decided to leave his body, it was done with that meat.
Juan - human hispanic ganger - killed by an fire elemental, miami, 2064
Mad Jack
Jonathan Tower/human/merc - killed after picking a fight in a troll bar. Ruled to be a suicide.
The Twins:
Chuckles Troll (From birth)/Street Sam/ Lead Poisoning (all 60 rounds of incomming bursty goodness
Giggles Troll (expressed at puberty)/Body guard/ Died avenging brother

Ikarus human child/ NPC prodigy decker, pre-otaku rules/ Group loved him, had to make him live up to the name for leverage on a run for Deus.

Slicer Human/ Street Sam/ Cheesy early character, commited sepuku during Harlequin story line

Obsidian Human/Original 1st ed character, Rigger/ Played through till 3rd ed. whereabout unknown(retired)
Shade, honourably retired to make oricalkum for a living. 4 months work a year and retirement at 40.

Sticks, troll athletes way adept, ice hocky. Sacrificed by Aztec blood mages during a rescue attempt in a teokali. Was a act of GM will because I said I had another character concept and he wanted les magicals in the party

Timothy Karter ex aztech security rigger. Awaiting chance to recompense play.

Rainy Tom. Campaign ended.

I am typically not easy to kill.

Kaspian, Adept Gunslinger/Scout PC Killed in shoot out with Lone Star Shadowriders and ERTs. Took 13 of them with him and aloud his team to escape.

Mercury Mouse, Decker/Spy PC killed by Nova Tech Black IC. Toasted his Deck and donated his body to the Orgam Leggers making the Team some small change.

Whisper, Dog Shaman/Counter Security Specialist PC. Roasted, perforated, and disolved by MCT Combat Mages.



Ash: Ork/merc. Three round burst from combat shotgun at point blank range

Cash: Human/pistol adept. Got on the wrong end of a sentry gun.

Bishop: human/sammie. Survived getting machine-gunned and hit by two cars, only to bleed out on operating table.

Primus: Ork/Mage. Machine-gunned during prison break

Starr: human/medic. Machine-gunned during prison break

Squishy: elf-ghoul/merc. Machine-gunned during prison break

The Dirty B: Ork/sammie. Saw neither the tripwire nor the plastique

Quinn: Human/athlete adept. Chest full of armor piercing ammunition.

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