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Full Version: Loose Alliances Wallpaper
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I think that the wallpaper art would have been a kick ass cover for the book. But I guess the black and white just doesn't suit a cover. Anyone else think that should be the cover....or is it just me.....OR....does anyone really care?
I'll get behind you on this one. The wallpaper has IMO a grittier feel to it, in comparison to the cover. Maybe it comes up more in other games, but the ones I run rarely have the meeting between a bunch of Sons of Sauron selling off their racist enemies to ghouls. I've certainly seen teams drive out to the barrens and dispose of fresh meat in the Ghoul Warrens, but the image of a few militia members unloading on an unseen threat certainly fits my vision of the world better and leaves a lot more to the imagination.

As for the argument of BW versus color, some times the transition to something as stark as BW can serve to empower the image. I feel it would definitely stand out as the gaming store amidst the other books in a powerful, some might say harsh, contrast to the glossy full color books on the shelf.
> Yes, it's nice draw for the wallpaper but you write the Black & white is maybe not really good for a cover.
Anyway if we except the caricatural style for ork in the first draw given for LA (I really dislike caricatural style for ork with ridiculous big noise and so on), artwork in this book seems to be really good. It's nice.
> Daegann
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