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Full Version: Idiot's Guide to Rigging
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In the same vein as the Idiot's guide to decking, I hope to provide a basic introduction to Rigging and all of the fun thereof. I asked Kagetenshi to help me with the experiment and he seems quite willing to help, so hopefully he'll be patient with me as this thread goes on. (As a side note, I've done very little with rigging previously, so this will be a learning experience for me as well).

Initially I intend to do quite a basic run with only the one Rigger hired and not a team. Riggers can be used for multiple roles but for now I intend to focus on the Electronic Warfare rules as presented in Rigger 3. Due to what I have planned, I do forsee the possibility of combat happening which will cover that area as well.

As seems to be the standard, Yellow is game information/OOC information

The Run:

Mr J wishes for the Rigger in question to hijack a truck containing what he refers to as 'building materials'. Legwork would determine that the truck is remotely controlled via radio from a van that typically stays within five kilometers from the target vehicle, though has been up to ten kilometers away.

Data about the actual electronics, in terms of remote control deck, radio rating, any sensors or ECM is unknown, though the comms is definitely encrypted and the truck is rumoured to have electronic deception.

Details about any guardian or recon drones is similarly unknown - though information about one previous failed run suggests that there is some sort of recon drone

Payment is assumed to be enough to entice the rigger to undertake the run.

<Game Master Information to go here once run is completed>
I'll watch this thread with interest as I'm looking to start playing riggers. Will you be using SR3 core? I don't have any other source books, so if you (or others) use rules from other books a quote would be helpful.
It's pretty hard to do MIJI without Rigger 3 (and by "hard" I mean "all the rules for it are in R3"), but quotes and page references can definitely be arranged.

The Question
Also interested to see how this develops. Drone rigging is more confusing to me then MIJI etc, but lets take babysteps.

this thread looks great, and I have been playing Riggers quite a bit, I am no expert but I am familiar with the rules, so if you need help with this thread just PM me or something, in any case I will be watching this thread, it looks like it will be a great read.


Austere Emancipator
Earlier thread with (pretty much) the same name.
Good luck with R3R. You're going to need it.
So who's the player? Can I call dibs? wink.gif
As an idea outline:
Distract the truck’s controllers with a gang hijack attempt – this would pull out one or more guardian or recon drones. Analyze the controllers transmissions while they try to defend from the gangers. Five gangers could keep an equal number of drones busy long enough (split and go separate ways) to allow an assault on the control van – close in, attack and jam, hijack control channels.

Of course this is from someone who’s never run a rigger so please be gentle.

And, if it’s too off topic I’ll move it to another thread – after all, we want to hijack a truck, not a topic.

is this thread going to get dropped before it even got started??

No, not as such.

The original intent was to have Kagetenshi do the bit of the runner. I messaged him a few days ago about it and to be fair I'll give him another day or two to work out whats happening on his end since he seems to have some RL stuff to take care of.

On a side note, I was recently asked if I wanted to join an online game and I choose a rigger. Much fun getting the drones and vehiccles worked out.
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