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Ancient History
Even in the mystic land of Tír na nÓg, under the watchful eye of the Seelie Court, corruption lurks. Amidst the followers of the Paths lie doubters, heretics and fanatics, easy prey for darker forces.

Twelve likeminded Path magicians came together in Kilkenny, to talk at length and in private about the Ways and Paths. So it came that during a moonlit night, they went walking...and something found them. More specifically, the Brockenbow of Petronilla of County Meath, burned at the stake as a witch in 1324 by Richard, Bishop of Ossory.

The spirit offered to aid the elves, to soothe their fears, help them rediscover their "authentic" lore, and to enact certain changes within the structure of the Orders. Since then, each member of the coven has slowly been bound tighter to the others, and to the brockenbow. It's members have kidnapped, tortured and slain non-Path druids and magicians for their secrets and taboo magics; those in Path of Stewards have covered the dissapearences. The members of the Path of Warriors have turned to stealth, for the actual kidnapping and disposal of bodies, and the stealing of certain 13th century manuscripts from St. Kieran's and Black Abbey. Those of the Path of the Bard publish articles and treatises that subtly tilt the beliefs of others. Finally, those of the Path of the Druid are engrossed in learning forgotten and forbidden lore, resurrecting the worst of ancient rites...or what they believe to be ancient rites.

The brockenbow feeds, and works to move its pawns higher in their respective Orders, but it's plans go farther afield than even that. The Mes ti'Till Cearmaigh has started correspondance with the High Circle of Alba, with a circle of nosferatu in the Allied German States, with the Black College in Iceland, and elven druids in Broceliande, Pomoyra, and Tir Tairngire.

Currently, the Mes ti'Till Cearmaigh maintains itself as a strictly social group dedicated to the preservation of the astral space around Kilkenny, and writes frequent articles to the local brehons and various consruction firms to prevent any "dilution."

The TRC has their eye on Kilkenny, given the dissapearences of druids in the region, but are so far busy tracking down a false lead left by one of the Mes ti'Till Cearmaigh...a calling card of recycled paper featuring a piece of broken Celtic knotwork. They have sent two agents to investigate this so-called "Broken Path," suspecting them of connections with the Unseelie Court, or even Wales. So far, the brockenbow has ordered all to lay low...and capture magicians from farther afield.
Is this based off of a real place, or just fertile imagination? Good read as usual.
Crimsondude 2.0
OOooh, how deliciously evil!
Ancient History
Oh, real. In 1324, Petronilla di Midea (read: Meath) was burned alive by Richard, Bishop of Ossory, on charges of witchcraft and pagan belief in Kilkenny (Till Cearmaigh in Gaelic).
Crimsondude 2.0
BTW, are there any good resources you can suggest on creating a Path follower not in the SR lit?
Heh. May they consume the entire upper class of that vile nation of Pomorya ... cannot get any worse than it is now anyway. >_<

They deserve it.

Lovely, as always. Have any more info on this Petronilla di Midea?

And ever did anything covering Erzsébet Bathory in some way?
Ancient History
QUOTE (Crimsondude 2.0)
BTW, are there any good resources you can suggest on creating a Path follower not in the SR lit?

Hrrrrmmm. Yeah. The old comic series Druid, written by Warren Ellis. There were a few issues of Heavy Metal with Celtic storylines that could be inspirational. Beowulf is a favorite, especially with Tolkein's commentary. In a somewhat-similar vein, the Nibelunglied. Michael Moorcock's Cornish Chronicles of Corum (specifically: the Bull and the Spear, the Oak and the Ram, the Sword and the Stallion).

For a somewhat more fantastic approach, try Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon.
Crimsondude 2.0
Great. Thanks.
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