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Full Version: Missile launchers
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Talia Invierno
On p.138 of R3, the CF requirement for a standard internal mount for a missile launcher is 2 CF (for door actuators), + 3 CF per missile. On p.279 of the BBB it gives the number of missiles which can be break-action loaded into an IWS Multi-Launcher as 4. Do these four missiles have to be figured separately into CF, or is that just for missiles over and above?

In other words, does a fully loaded missile launcher mounted on a standard internal mount require 2 CF or 14 CF?
Uh! Uh! Pick me! Pick me!

The correct CF use is 14. Or whatever the weapon + 4 missiles add up to.

The thing is, with an external launcher, its limited by its capacity. In this case 4.

But if its internal, then you can keep firing those missiles. You could cram in 18 missiles if you had the space. Getting the weapon internal opens up a magasine the size of the vehicle.

Also, you can put in, say three missiles in the automatic internal magasine. Then just load the truck with missiles in loose harnesses. These take up no CF, only Load. - But then you have to manually feed the 3 slot hopper as it chugs out the missiles.
Austere Emancipator
The IWS Multi-Launcher is a single Heavy Weapon, just like an Assault Cannon or a HMG is. If you want to mount one internally on a vehicle, you need a Fixed Internal Hardpoint (4 CF during the vehicle design, 7 CF if added on to an existing vehicle), or a Small Remote Pop-Up Turret (takes up 2 Hardpoints, 8 CF).

The Missile and Rocket Mounts are meant for missiles and rockets fired directly from the mount, without a separate launcher weapon. For example, the missiles on r3.91-92 would require such mounts.
Talia Invierno
Thanks, both. A further question though:

In the table in R3, p.140, it explicitly states that a missile/rocket launcher has a weapon value of 2 points, for which a mini turret is adequate (same table). According to that table, this only requires one hardpoint?

If this is in fact the case, I can't see the IWS being the only exception to the rule ... not least since it's the only missile launcher listed in the BBB?

The question about whether missiles counted or not in that context was specifically because it's listed as "break action" -- which to me implies ammunition already inside the weapon (ie. as with a shotgun). If not: what exactly does that term mean, then?
Austere Emancipator
In case that was unclear, I mentioned a Pop-Up Small turret, because you were apparently going for something which would be inside the vehicle when not being fired -- and Pop-Up turrets have weapon values 1 point smaller than normal turrets. If the having an external turret at all times isn't a problem, then yeah you can make do with a Mini turret.

QUOTE (Talia Invierno)
The question about whether missiles counted or not in that context was specifically because it's listed as "break action" -- which to me implies ammunition already inside the weapon (ie. as with a shotgun).

That is indeed exactly how I figure the weapon in question functions. I assume it is based on this weapon. Once emptied, the weapon "opens up" somehow (the "break" in "break action"), and fresh rockets/missiles are inserted. The rockets/missiles inside the weapon should absolutely not count against any CF limitations -- just like ammunition inside an internal magazine in a mounted weapon doesn't count against Ammo Bin limits.
Talia Invierno
All right, I understand what you're getting at now. Thank you. And you're right smile.gif

The more immediately relevant point is to confirm the total CF cost of the weapon + already loaded ammunition only (for this purpose assume no ammunition that is not already inside the weapon), because on that depends all the rest.

Your interpretation is what I was thinking, Austere Emancipator, until you wrote differently, weblife. But it's because I wasn't sure that I threw open the question.
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