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Full Version: how many spell points can you start with?
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on page 55 of sr3:

players can purchase spell points at character creation, at a cost of 25,000 nuyen per point, up to a maximum of 50 spell points.

does that mean you cannot buy more than 50 or that the total cannot be more than 50 (how many you got for free + the number you've bought)?

Herald of Verjigorm
Since that is the cost for additional spell points, you cannot surpass the 50 mark in total.

Just to see, 50 spell points would cost 1,250,000 so it would seem you'd be limited to 40 maximum purchasable if that is what the rules meant.
right...i just remember that my old GM has allowed us (under the point system) to buy two sets of resources before (this was at the request of the part-timers...the power games who only cared about buying stuff and who were going to be asleep by 11 anyway). so with that in mind you could have more than 1,000,000.....

but, crazy house rules aside, i just found this on page 60..

no magician may have more than 50 spell points (including free and purchased spell points) during character creation.

thanks for the speedy response!
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