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Full Version: Attacking an object.
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Attacking an object.
With magic

Obviously it needs to be a physical spell and I believe the object gets no resistance roll and the power must be at least ˝ OR.

I have 2 characters that may want to power bolt objects, my current character will do it as a tactical mauver, and one I really want to play will do it as a joke.

I know how it works with vehicles but not very well for other things so pleas enlighten me on the particulars of these objects, there OR, what would be left after power bolting them to the tune of deadly damage and if there are any other concerns with attacking them.

1: wall or other barrier.
2: glass beverage container
3: denim jeans
4: security armour
5: military armour
6: anything else you can think of that would be fun or useful.

Okay, Powerbolt spell, assumed high enough force to work, set to deadly.

1: depends on what the wall's made out of, OR 5-10. What's left: Smoking rubble (from fluff text SR3 pg 182), special exploding wall effects at GM discretion, barrier gone.

2: OR 4-5 ish. Again, glass beverage container gone, maybe in shards, maybe something else, but definitely no longer a beverage container.

3: OR 5ish. Blowed-up jeans. Denim bits everywhere.

4: ooh, OR 8-10+ depending, so long as it's not currently being worn (I don't know what the consensus is on targeting the shirts on people's backs). Smoking bits of security armor is the probable aftermath.

5: Same as 4.

6: I generally like Powerball more than bolt, High enough force literally craters the landscape, and that's just fun.
Doesn’t barrier rating have an effect when casting a spell at a barrier, Like it dose with vehicle armour.

Any more opinions on casting spells at worn clothing or armour

I don't see a problem with nuking someone's worn clothes/armor. If it is security or military grade armor, you need to get past the rather high OR. If you are wanting to use this trick in combat to soften up hard targets for the other runners, it is often easier to just powerbolt the wearer, likely killing him outright. The exception would be if the wearer was under spell defence/shielding and the GM ruled that such defence did not extend to what they were wearing.

Assuming no spell protection, and a mage trying to soften up a target wearing heavy security grade armor (OR 9-10 in my opinion) the mage would need to sling a force 5 powerbolt. If he wanted to be certain it would go down in one hit, he'd need to cast it at Deadly (Or Serious if he was willing to do a karma reroll). Assuming he puts his all into the casting (Say Sorcery 6 + 6 Magic pool - Yeah, experienced runners could toss alot more), he's likely to get that one success at TN 9 needed to make the armor go away.

On the other hand, lets say he just cast at the hapless goomba wearing it instead. We'll assume that this guy is a combat hardened veteran (who forgot to geek the mage first). Lets set his body at a 5. Same spell, same force. The mage will likely get 4 success, while the target gets 1 or 2 on his resistance. Odds are, the mage will be able to stage the damage up one level. End result is that the mage can cast the spell at a lower damage code, thereby lessening the drain. Furthermore, the target is now eliminated as opposed to softened.

But you get more style points for blowing up his armor. biggrin.gif

I suppose that if a GM were really concerned about abuse an arguement could be made that the wearer got to make a resistance roll for the item, claiming it was within thier aura.

Any book-ninja around that knows if a individual's aura extends past thick security armor?

As far as barrier rating and spells, I don't know offhand.
QUOTE (Toshiaki @ May 1 2005, 01:39 PM)
I suppose that if a GM were really concerned about abuse an arguement could be made  that the wearer got to make a resistance roll for the item, claiming it was within thier aura.

Any book-ninja around that knows if a individual's aura extends past thick security armor?

This was the case in SR2 (there was a section that literally says "The subject's aura extends beyond worn clothing/armor" but it was in the context of being able to cast spells at someone even though their body was entirely encased in heavy mil-spec armor."), but I haven't found any references in SR3. However, I'd say that if Invisibility (and other spells) can target an individual and affect the individual's clothing and belongings as well, the wearer can utilize spell defense dice, even possibly making a resistance roll for the item.

Barrier rating has no effect on increase TNs for spells. However, most high-rated barriers also have high ORs as well. I'd also rule that the higher the barrier rating of a wall, the less damage done to the wall itself, but that's a GM's call. For example, a barrier of 32 would only suffer a 3 foot diameter smoking hole from a power bolt at D damage, but a section of drywall would be obliterated in a wide swath of destruction.
Talia Invierno
Thanks for this, Edward. It was well-timed smile.gif
Yes I remember now. Casting target number is OR.

What would be the effect of moderate or serious damage to armour or clothing.

The other possibility is a LOS range fashion spell at force 9 (after char gen obviously). Taylor the military armour into something that will fall off. Or is just the wrong size.

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