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I have been endeavoring lately to determine exactly how popular the Shadowrun franchise is, here in North America and abroad. I know its highest popularity has been in America and Germany. Unfortunately, there seem to be no readily available statistics on this. Anyone have any idea, even ball-park, on how many SR books have sold over the years? Or even SR3 corebook alone?

Thanks in advance.
I dunno about book sales, but as for popularity goes this is one of the most active boards, if not the most active board, I've ever been on, and I've been on LOTS (who hasn't?).
I'm not sure Dumpshock is more active than, say, the D20 forums.

Anyway, I'm sure this shitty game's not that popular. Who likes this thing, anyway?
Less popular than D20. A lot less known than D20. And I've seen D20 forums with more traffic (peridically at least) and there are a lot more D20 forums out there.

So, shadowrun can't compete with "the other game", in fact it isn't very well known in Norway at all. Everyone knows LotR (and are because of this more easily subverted to D&D), some people have heard about RPGs, of the few that know the names and mechanics of specific systems there are only very small groups that know about non-D20 games. And there shadowrun is just one of the many for those people.
I'd guess SR would be known by one in thousand or somewhere around there (quite probably less), at least in Norway.
And i think, in the US, in the oh, 18-25, or 20-30 age demographic, shadowrun is probably "most likely" known as the old snes/sega game, and less as an actual system.

I for one, fell into this group until recently. I've known and played adnd/d20 for a long time, but aside from those games, i didnt know anything else about shadowrun until the past meh, 9-12 months.
I know Shadowrun is quite popular in Gernamy, but I couldn't provide you with any actual numbers.
Wounded Ronin
D20 wins because the general public is abysmally stupid.
Right, because everyone knows, nothing made with D20 could possibly be any good.
Wounded Ronin
1st edition D&D was pretty good, but 3rd edition just lost everything that was good about D&D and made this bland, unrealistic, and bizarre system the norm for hoardes of boring and undistinct d20 products which followed.
This d20 discussion is not on topic. If it continues, I'll be moving this thread into General Gaming.
No statistics then?
I'm pretty sure its sold over a million sourcebooks/supplements over the 18 years since its been released. Not to mention the sale of the Genesis and SNES games. Armed with statistics, one could go a long way at rolling Charisma against Redmond.

1989 + 18 != 2005 smile.gif
16 years, my bad.
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