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The Grifter
I don't know if this has been posted here or not yet, but, here ya go:

Ibis Tek Viper
That is the phatest shit ever! biggrin.gif
Swing Kid
That is so hot.
Overtake me, will you? I gotta get meself one of these!
The Grifter
I'm pumped. Maybe there's hope for installing those rocket launchers in the trunk of my 71 maverick after all!
Oh yeah. Why am I not suprised to see that it was some americans that made that thing? grinbig.gif
The Grifter
Yeah, it had to be us or the Israelis.
Coooool biggrin.gif
Riggers, thy time is nigh!
HMMM can i have one to play with my rigger would defentally use one i would however have to add so sams to save my butt on rare occasion smile.gif biggrin.gif
Fresno Bob
That clip made my pants tighter.
Bullet Raven
So, guess which corp is turning up in MY next session wink.gif
Holy crap, that is awesome! I want one. I want ten! I wonder how much the modifications cost?
Im putting one of those in a geo storm!
40mm cannon... that will clear traffic.

"Cut me off will ya &sshole!"
Movie quote!

"This is an RV from hell."
"Who holds the pink slip, Satan?"
QUOTE (Catsnightmare)
Movie quote!

"This is an RV from hell."
"Who holds the pink slip, Satan?"
Quote is from Tango and Chash I beleave.

As far as the clip, the turrent takes up most of the back of the SUV. And while your rigger may not need to take the kids to socker practice, a team of runners and their toys takes up a bit of room.

Also, Since it takes up most of the back, It is probably visable to the nice Lone Star who pulls you over. That is going to make for some aquard questions. "Well, it seems you have a turent mounted cannon in the back of your truck sir, now what are we planning tonight?"
Ah but it was a hard cover on the back - or tinted windows. Now if the turret is UP and ready that's a different story. rotfl.gif

Officer: "Uh...why is that cannon tracking me?"
Rigger: "I dunno...what was it you stopped me for again?"
So...has anyone got this stated out yet? smile.gif
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