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Full Version: SR2 Char Gen Program
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There used to b e this real cool Second Edition charecter creator program. I think I got it from Paulo's site . Any way , I had a P.C. crash , and I lost the program . Does anybody have a copy of it , or can point me in the right way ?
I use Mc Mackie's for 3rd (Thanx man) , but that program is turning into the holy grail for me . Can anybody help?
Can't you use NSRCG by limiting the available books to 2nd edition ones?
Nah... There's too much different... Different skill point allocations, different skills Firearms vs pistols, et all...
There are strong resemblences but it is different...
You can Paolo's (Adam) program at the Shadowrun Archive
or more specifically at
Windows programs Check out Srcg2.8a... That's the last one... You'll note many simularities between my program and his (I built on top of his source code)...
You may not find it as useful.... I've added to the program quite bit. smile.gif
Good luck.
Thank you .smile.gif
Time to dredge this out....

Anybody know where I can find SRCG? I've got NSRCG... but I'd like to have the 2e version if it's still out there.
I've been looking as well and all I can find are dead links.
I have zips of srcg and srcg28a which I believe are the ones in question. I tried to run it through the command prompt but it said it was incompatible with Win7 64 and to contact the developer for a current version... I then tried Compatibility Wizard with no luck. How do run these?
Anyway the files are about 200kb if anyone wants.

I just noticed old posts are from 2003, crikey.
I'd at least like to get my hands on the zips.... might be able to figure something out.
QUOTE (cryptoknight @ May 23 2012, 10:39 AM) *
I'd at least like to get my hands on the zips.... might be able to figure something out.

I know I have this at work. I will look for it tomorrow.
Try this:
Thanks for the link.

Wish I still had my copy of VB3 as I'd decompile it and make a .Net version.

It still works under windows 7 x64 using Windows XP Mode

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