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Full Version: Bioware an Aura
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I have some questions for those better versed in SR lore than myself. They concern what Bioware does with an aura. Let me elaborate:

1. Bioware in it's raw state
Does unimplanted bioware have an Auroa? On a first glance, I'd say no, but then again, every bactery, no matter how genetically engineered it is, has an Aura, and Bioware is living tissue after all, even if desginer-made, vat-grown and entirely artificial, meaning not born of any living thing save maybe a pig it was grown in.

2. Bioware and the 'user's' aura
How does Bioware show in an aura? Doesn it integrate into it, or does it look a lot like a foreign intruder? In caser of a very, very heavily augmented character, say, full body conversion, deltaware (Essence -3) and several other implants, also deltaware, that push the user's essence to 0.01? Then, the bioware's contribution to the remaining glimmer of an aura shouŲd be quite significant. What would that look like to a mage assensing?

3. Bioware and the astrally traveling mage
In the case of a mage who sacrificed one essence point for some bioware (say, a synaptic accelerator and a mnemonic enhancer), would this bioware show as part of his astral body, or would it remain with the (essentially auraless) meat body of the mage, making up for a remainder glimmer aura? Wiould, in that case, theoretically, the bioware be able to react in place of the mage (especially with synaptic accelerators that give initiative, this is worth pondering, as it could make the body react instinctively to things the mage won't take any note of because his soul is busy somewhere else, far away).

Thanks in advance for the replies. smile.gif
No page references at the moment, but ...

AFAIK, Bioware is not detectable by Assensing. It can only be discerned through a thorough medical examination.

Given that, I would probably rule that the original (non-implanted) Bioware organ has a neutral-like Aura, which then takes on the Aura of it's host once implanted.

As for Projection, the Bioware in the body itself (while the mage is Projecting) should only be helpful if it works automatically like filters or immunities. Anything that would require thought, voluntary activation, or the like would not help.
This doesn't really answer any of your questions, but i'll point out that bioware does not consume a point of essense. You keep your essense, but impare your magical abilities.
Right, loss of magic, otherwise it would make little sense for sams, wouldn't it? My bad.

Also, to clarify: I didn't mean that synaptic accelerators would work as a 'guard system' in the body for the time the Aura is off doing whatever astral business the aura is doing, but more to cause additional dangers to the runners guarding the body of their mage chummer.

Same with reflex recorders and wired, actually. Would a mage's empty body, if outfitted with a reflex recorder/skill wires/wired reflexes, instinctively react? Like, the mage is shaken or the body notices a shadow approaching, wired and the reflex recorder/pistols kick in, pull the gun automatically and start shooting anything that moves?
I would say that the meet of an astraly projecting magician will act in all was as the meat of that same mage in a coma or otherwise unconchus.

As your skill wires donít defend you after you hid deadly stun they donít defend your meet while your astraly projecting (nice try though).

If they did you would want to be careful of your body retreating and being hard to find on your return.

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