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Full Version: Music in your games
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Well, for when music is used anyway. I know sometimes a quiet game is better, but I am always a fan of background music. Many i talk to of course go for the electronic sounding stuff, and for good reason, it does set that mood for me.

Personally, here are some albums i find work well for setting that 'SR' mood:

Turmion Kätilöt: Hoitoverhe(industrial/techno/metal)

...And Oceans: AMGOD(this and any of their later albums are also more of the industrial/metal bent. Works well anytime, especially club meet scenes)

About anything from Rammstein

Tangerine Dream albums. For more of a laid back feel, a 'quieter' run if you will.

Dimmu Borgir: Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia(symphonic/black metal, but they have some cool effects on it that gives it a good future kinda sound. Great for those 'hyper' scenes.)

Thyrane: Hypnotic(this album is also more industrial metal)

Orgy(the song Dreams in Digital alone screams decker or otaku)

Sisters of Mercy(good for those club scenes. Contrary to popular belief it works well for SR also, not just Vampire. biggrin.gif)

Bladerunner soundtrack. Always works well.

Deathstars: Synthetic Generation(this album just sorta screams SR...and their videos too, are something that you could see on the streets of 2060.)

Sometimes we even switch to specific depending on the particular 'scene' to further set the mood.

Have anything that is good for SR that ya like? Im always open for new suggestions.
Techno stuff. I think that dance-ish mix from "Madness Combat: Apotheosis" is SR-ish enough. Not to mention cool, and loitered with gunshot sounds...

Rock music is good, too. Something along the lines of "Nymphetamine" by Cradle of Filth is what I'm working with now. Atreyu has a pretty driving sound, too.
The Grifter
Favorites of ours include:

Rob Zombie
Mortal Kombat the Movie Soundtrack (except for the MK theme songs)
Fear Factory
Lamb of God
Some music which I have found SR-appropriate:

Los Amigos Invisibles (Great for those club scenes)
LTJ Bukem's Underground album (These scream "astral quest")
Steely Dan ("Kid Charlamagne" actually refers to the world's largest producer of LSD from 1970-1990; "Jose" refers to a biker party, and "Black Friday" is just plain awesome.")
Take Five, by Dave Brubeck and John Coltrane.
Round About Midnight, by Miles Davis
Led Zepplin
Wounded Ronin
1980s ninja movie theme music.
The original Broadway cast recording of "Cats"
Crimson Jack
Massive Attack (gawd, I love this group)
Chemical Brothers
Crystal Method
Aphex Twin name the 4 played most often.
Billy Idol:Cyberpunk
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