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Full Version: Great Form blood spirits
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So, I was re-reading the rules for blood spirits, and I noticed something. Use an initiate to summon one, and the force is still = to their magic rating, but they are great form.

My question is this: What extra powers does a great form bloodspirit get? Nature get storm and can leave there domain. What do blood spirits get? Thanks!
well for one, they can have armor, improved body, or improved reach
Cynic project
They can ruin your carpets!
QUOTE (Cynic project)
They can ruin your carpets!


fistandantilus3.0, thanks. smile.gif Um, d you know the page #?
MitS page 107.
They have Engulf (blood, treat as water),
they are not required to stay close to sentient beings,
they can use their powers simultaneously on a number of targets = to Force.
MiTs, Invoking Metamagic - great form spirits can be summoned with extra ability. For every two initiate grade of the summoner, they can add +1 armor, +1 body, or +1 reach. The spirit descriptions is where you're thinking of , where it says stuff like all GF sky spirits get the form power, Loa get imm. to normal weapon, etc.

AFAIk, blood spirits don't get anything else special.

By the by, for the essence drain of a blood spirit, anyone know if the target has to be helpless? We got worked over by one in our game the other night. Nothing nastier than being engulfed by blood and drowning.

AS for page #'s, ask Hahnsoo. He's good with that stuff.

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