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Full Version: simple totem question
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i'll use the snake shaman as an example - it says that the snake gets +2 dice for any one spirit of the land (shaman's choice) as a wilderness totem. as an urban totem, you get +2 dice for any one spirit of man (shaman's choice).

my 2 questions:

1) do you choose whether it's a wilderness totem or an urban totem at character creation, or can you choose which you are over and over again during play, based on which suits you best at the moment.

2) same for the 'any one spirit of...(shaman's choice)'. do you have to pick the one at character creation or can you just choose whichever suits you during play.

i'm sure the answer is somewhere in SR3, but i can't find it. thanks!
You have to chose all of it at char creation. Not sure on pages, but I'm sure that is the rule.

Reguardless, I think the GM should say tht anyway, tis broken otherwise. smile.gif
With a lenient GM, you might be able to choose the specific bonus during play.

QUOTE (p163 SR3)
Some totem modifiers require the player of the shaman to choose a particular bonus. This choice, once made, is permanent.
sweet - thank you!
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