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Full Version: Should I upgrade?
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Just curious, chummers....

Are the differences between SR3 (FANPRO 10668) and SR3 (Revised) (FANPRO 25000) significant enough to justify replacing my current BBB?

the only book that's recieved any significant revision is Rigger 3. it's the only one that now sports the 'Revised' tag--R3 and R3R are essentially two different books (at least from a rules perspective). that said, R3 will work okay, unless you're heavily into rigger stuff.
Even then, the errata is on the website. For free.
With SR4 on its way I would not even consider upgrading.

Even if you donít like SR4 the R3R and SR3R will be cheaper on eBay once SR4 comes out.

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