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Full Version: Review my new decker
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i build a new character for our next SR campaign (SR3). I wanted to play a overwatch decker. Here are the most important facts, will include background later:

BeCKs v2 Character Creation:

1. Attributes:

Bod 4
Dex 3
Str 3
Cha 3
Int 6
Wil 6

2. Skills:

Computer 6
Computer B/R 6
Electronics 6
Electronics B/R 6
Ettiquette(Matrix) 3(5)
Car 2
Instruction 3
Biotech 2
Pistol 2
Stealth 3

3. Cyberware/Bioware:

Encephalon 2
Math SPU 3
Cerebral Booster 2
Mnemonic Enhancer 3
Sleep Regulator
Trauma Dampner

4. Deck:

Response Increase-1
I/O 700MP
active memory 1500
storage memory 2000

5. Utilities:

Deception 6 72MP
Sleaze 6 108MP
Validate 6 144MP
Spoof 6 108MP
Cloak 6 108MP
Read/Write 6 72MP
Analyze 6 108MP
Browse 6 36MP
Commlink 6 36MP
Decrypt 6 36MP
Cellular Link 6 36MP
Radio Link 6 36MP
Satellite Link 6 72MP
Medic 6 144MP
Camo 3 27MP

Thanks for any input.
umm, where's the 'jack?
Multi-slot Chipjack 4?
Wrong jack. You need a data-jack, not a chip-jack.
Also, I think your masking is limited to 6. I think an MCPC of 8 is OK, but no stat can be above 6.
Edit: Nevermind, Bearclaw said it.
Belle Anderson
Other than the lack of a Data Jack, which others have caught the only hitch that jumps at me is your MPCP, I THINK it can't be higher than a 6 for starting chars but I don't have my books handy to double check that. Anybody else have their books handy to double check?

I'm sure that no starting stat or equipment can have a rating higher than 6 at start.
Wounded Ronin
Yeah, I think the Masking is illegal.

And the lack of a datajack is pain.

Those are the most important.

Less important details:

Biotech 2 is almost useless, since a medkit has Biotech 3.

I'm assuming you had 1,000,000 resources to start, since those programs have got to be incredibly expensive and large. Do you have the storage space for them all on your deck?

You might consider losing some of the bioware and cyberware if you're going to be a Pistols 2 noncombatant anyway. You could use the money you save on things like a Savior Medkit, or an electronics kit, or lots of backup offline storage.

Hmm, also, you might consider taking Shotguns instead of Pistols if your skill is going to be so low in the first place. At least you can use the strange and painful shotgun choke rules to give yourself TN reductions when you shoot at people with base 2 dice. Depends on wether you want total concealability (pistols) or a firepower/to-hit upgrade (shotguns).
Hi everyone,

ok datajack-chipjack error embarrassed.gif Sorry my English is not so good...

The programs have all toether a size of 1040MP, so enough for my 1500MP active and 2000MP passive. I also bought 4000MP offline storage.

I have 25000 nuyen.gif to buy some usefull things left. As for masking and highest rating. We usually start with avaiablitiy 8, rating 6. But for MPCP we decided that its like acceleration for a bike. I don't know if my Masking 7 is okay. If not i would increase sensor to 5. I will check with GM.

Did i miss any important/usefull utilities?

As for skills. Okay i see that biotech 2 is useless if a medkit gives 3. But i did not want to habe all skills at 6. I would use a remington roomsweeper or ares slivergun with that pistol skill. But its just for flavor as i don't think i will use it too soon.

Rating 8 availability 6? hmm, interesting twist on things...

As for the mpcp 7, it's debateable, for instance, the canon decker archetype starts with a CMT avatar, a rating 7 mpcp with an avail. of 6. now what you want that to mean in your game is certainitly up to debate.
No, i said avail 8, rating 6. No twist... spin.gif wobble.gif rotate.gif twirl.gif

Yes as far as i know most GMs accept the CMT Avatar as a starting deck with MPCP-7. But i am not sure if Masking 7 is a illegal rating.
Eyeless Blond
Eh, I don't see a problem with it. Does your GM have a problem with more than 6 MP of Active Memory? nyahnyah.gif

Btw, where are your frames and Agent(s)? smile.gif No full-on decker should be without a few of each, and they're best gotten at chargen if you're ever going to get one.
What is the Rating of a cyberdeck? Programs have Ratings, but cyberdecks are like guns or vehicles, they have no explicit Rating.
I've always read the MPCP to be the rating, however, as i said, the avatar breaks that rule to begin with
@Eyeless Blond:

I have your Search-Agent from the Matrix Search Thread (Agent 6/2/0/6/4, Pilot rating 6,ini 4d6, Browse6, Sleaze 6, Camo3).

Why should i ever use a frame if i have a agent? I change his utilities as needed (but <15).
Would you mind listing your Knowledge skills? Because it looks like you are creating a "hardcore vanilla decker" and that means you'll probably need Cyberterminal Design, Cyberterminal Program Design, Operational Utility Design, Information Brokerage, and some others.
MPCP 7 is what the best decker archetypes get, slandered MPCP 8 decks have to high an availability so 7 is the best I think you should be able to get. MPCP and deck stats are not ratings so you are allowed to have them at whatever you want

Your deck stats do not include the hardware for cell link, radio link or sat link. Also I have never seen a reason to take the control programs for these at such a high rating. Reread the appropriate sections and see if you actually get something for using the better programs if not cut back on there ratings.

Your sensor is very low, I like to keep it higher. I believe it is best to have al your stats about the same and use modes to achieve better stats when you really need them.

Get aframe or agent if you can, my GM disallows them at char gen but many do not and they are very useful


i did not copy all hardware into this thread. I have those required links. I am not sure if i need those wireless links this high, but if the target is cut from the matrix my team can establish a commlink or radio link with a datatap. Maybe they are too high - check this if i come back home.

My prios at the deck ratings are Masking>Evasion,Sensor>Bod as i want to use Evade Detection to stay longer at overwatch. High Sensor is good for detection IC - especially Scout-IC. I will add a small (one-shot?) Attack utility to drop these nasty Scouts.

I am fairly ciren the rating on the interface programs is irrelevant, or rather it is the maximum rating of the interface hardware that determines flux witch determines range and jamming effects.

Cell links cant be jammed without bringing down every mobile phone in a large aria and a rating one cell link will work anywhere metro (including it should have the range to work in the barons based on towers in nearby suburbs).

Satellite interfaces have no range concerns and being directional can not practically be jammed, anyway, when you use it you should be miles from anybody anyway.

The radio link is the one you will have the most issues with for range and jamming but it is also the least useful as you need your own radio link stations to use it, its primary use is having a insertion team member wire you into an offline host so you can avoid having to enter the building yourself. I doubt you will use it much as in most situations the others are better

That at least is how I remember it, I donít have a copy of matrix to check it up in however and it was some months ago that I looked it up

Actually now I consider the modes more deeply your stat setup works very well you arenít any weaker when using modes than my setup would make you but your slightly harder to spot.

Leave that as it is

QUOTE (edward)
MPCP and deck stats are not ratings so you are allowed to have them at whatever you want

I would have to disagree with you there, Edward...

QUOTE (SR3 p.206 (Deck Ratings))
The MPCP represents the master operating system for the deck and has an mPCP Rating that measures...<snip> The MPCP Rating is the central value for cyberdecks...No single persona may exceed the MPCP Rating and the maximum value for  utility programs is equal to the MPCP Rating

Emphasise mine, but I think even from those two paragraphs, it's clear that the MPCP was supposed to be the rating of the deck, IMO.
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