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Full Version: Land Walker Robot for sale
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Land Walker

Another thing in english and another site talking about it here.

hmmm... only 1.5km/hour walk... walking target! grinbig.gif

actually there's a bit more sites that I've found talking about it. though I think it's all the same. oh just google it. nyahnyah.gif

edit: ugh, I've seen articles about this since mid April. So, I probably missed the thread about it on the forums here if it was posted. Stupid me, shoulda done search first to make sure. Ah well, thought it was relatively new news, but it's kinda been around on the net.
Bullet Raven
That is damn naughty... the best bit on the vid is seeing from the cockpit...
Notice it doesn't walk - it shuffles on (apparently) wheels under its feet. The legs never lift and step.
aye, I noticed. And also notice it's 'guns'. Well, it might be a menace on the paintball field with its potato guns...
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