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Full Version: Puyallup gangs
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i can't find my copy of new seattle. what are the gangs of Puyallup?
There are lots.
Shanshu Freeman
Make 'em up. You have the freedom and the power.
Crimson Jack
The ones listed and a rundown of the info (NS, pg. 72):

Black Rains(all-ork gang/theater: Carbanado/colors: black & gold/leader: Billy Mura, half-Japanese with Oni-esque eyes/rackets: protection, smuggling, chips, vice market/ties with: Cascade Ork tribe for smuggling)

The Princes, or "The Princes of the Blood" (elven street fighter gang/theater: Tarislar/colors: red leathers over black clothing/leader: "the Black Prince" who lost his right eye and refuses to get a cybereye/bad blood: the Spikes & the Ancients)

Forever Tacoma (ork and troll gang/theater: Loveland/colors: red & orange, usually orange rain slickers over armor/rackets: anything they can get their hands on, small-time protection and gambling, street level vice, work for both the Mafia and Yakuza)

Reality Hackers (techno gang, mostly human/theater: Puyallup proper, near Puyallup River and Tacoma/colors: sleek techno look, with exotic cyberware, metallic, chrome, and gold cyberlimbs and gizmos/rackets: theft, datasteals, chips and pirated software/good for: decking, wild parties, fencing/bad blood: the Yakuza for setting the Hackers up and almost wiping them out/possible ties: Seoulpa Rings, see "bad blood" above)
thx this was a big help
Swing Kid
Yeah, especially the first two
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